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  1. My daughter is doing a speech on geocaching and we were looking for a few stats: Number of cachers in US? Number of cachers in World? Percentage of people that cache or have cached? Numbers of caches is easy but cachers was quite different. Thanks!
  2. My premium membership comes due on 6/2 (in 2 days) and with the budget being tight right now, that's not a family priority expense. I can live without the route features, membership caches, etc. until later but would absolutely hate to lose all my bookmarks and notifications. If I don't renew, will they be gone for good or just unavailable until I renew to premium level?
  3. Page 11 of this thread has copy art and you can read all the names there.
  4. Just found out about this and would like to try. Stage one done and on it's way.
  5. How are those trackables organized anyway? They're not alphabetical.
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