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CHALLENGE: The Earth Turtle Challenge


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This challenge is temporarily and maybe indefinitely halted. Sorry. In the event I determine I need to close the challenge, I'll defintiely honor all special coins to the participants. Unfortunately this isn't going as smoothly as I had hoped.




WHAT? They haven't even been to Australia yet!!

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Wow, I just read this whole thread...


First off, what a great idea. It was wonderful to see the places that the turtles traveled.

Secondly, to those who participated, what great pictures!!! Places I never dreamed of, so beautiful. Nice mix of beautiful nature and interesting urban areas.

Finally, I am very sad that this mission had troubles and that a turtle got lost. I hope he finds his way home soon.

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For those that were chosen and wondered if you would ever see your coin, I did not forget :) GCF and lack of funds to do everything hampered my timing on this. I will have your special coins made when I mint the Baby ET's and will get them mailed out to you.


I know it has taken some time but it has always been on my "to do" list :)


I anticipate wrapping the Baby ET's up within the next 6 months and then I'll email you participants.



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It's too bad this challenge wasn't completed. I had a lot of fun both as a participant and from watching them travel. It was fun while it lasted.just too bad it ended so quickly.


I enjoyed it too but one of the coins was either released or stolen when it should not have been. I may start another challenge like this down the road since I have learned about what not to do in this one. Thanks for being a part of the challenge though :)


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