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Why buried?

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I have had real trouble trying to explain to friends and family that geocaches arn't buried. even when i explain how impractical buried caches would be due to gps's relativly inacuracy, they still do not get it. even when i show them a cahce that has already been placed. anyone else had this problem?

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I know what you're talking about. My parents didn't really 'get it' either, the first time I explained it to them. I stuck a spare MKH underneath my metal bed frame, showed them one just like it, and turned them loose in my room. It's a pretty sparse room, and it still took them ten minutes or so to find it. I did the same thing with a Tupperware box in the backyard, just under a pile of sticks in a corner, with similar results. They weren't exactly hooked, but they get it now. Moral of the story: the experience speaks for itself. Spread the joy!

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I've done several interviews re geocaching with local reporters. I always emphasize that caches are NOT buried, as that would be damaging to the area, and is hugely upsetting to land owners. I also emphasize that it's about the journey and not the swag. I took one of them on a hunt (ammo can tucked next to log).

Yet two of three stories used the phrase, "the search for buried treasure". It's just lazy. I've declined to do any more interviews.

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Its that many people have heard or read about it in mass media, and they really arent know for accuracy, more just simplifying it down.


In a recent Readers Digest, and article titled "21st Century Scavenger Hunts" "Geocaching= The grandaddy of GPS games. Started in Oregon in 2000. Players locate BURIED trinkets and caches around the world, then log their finds online. geocaching.com "


they also mention "Minutewar" "Shutterspot" and "Waymarking"

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I try very hard not to let my friends and family know that I am a geocacher. I really don't like having to explain my mysterious absences from work, family functions and other social obligations. I know that I can control my geocaching habit on my own and really don't need to suffer through the "looks" from others who simply don't and can't understand what motivates me to do what I do.


Oops...I haven't had to deal with the buried treasure question. It might be a regional thing. If you try to bury caches in the great Pacific North Wet they get moldy even faster than if you put them in a rotten stump. :)

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