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  1. Like food i find in a cache i give them to people i dont like and hope for the worst (or is that the best?) Edited for bad grammar
  2. I'm sorry but realy this whole debate on condoms in a cache is a bit over the top, children who dont know what they are already arnt suddenly going to find out from a wrapper that lets face it is normaly descreet enough so that it could contain anything. And the children that already know what they are arnt going to care if thry are in there or not. If you can see them in a petrol station or a service station or even in a dispenser in a public toilet, does that mean that your going to avoid taking your your children into those estblishments? and rember an individual condom had relativly low value so i would be more worried that if you only find one that somone hasnt been trading fairly
  3. congratulations alba15. I was having a conversation with my friend and we were wondering exactly how reviewers were chosen anyone care to shine a light? Edited for my terrible grammar.
  4. i only have experience with paper maps at 1:50k but i have found they are good if you are traveling a long distance over a short time becuase main routes are shown in reasonable detail. However when you are in a small area i would prefer a smaller scale as it means i can find the routes that may not show on a 1:50k. hope that helps.
  5. I have had some experience with these tents and especialy pro action tents and i have found that they break easily especialy the zipps. i would suggest a eurohike tent especialy the Eurohike Windsor. this seems to fit your needs as you could have seperate bedrooms for your children or you could have a seperate room for storage. this tent also allows you to sit up at night even if it rains. also it is relativly easy to pitch. it comes in under budget at £129.99 at millets. http://www.millets.co.uk/Camping/Tents/Win...uct/095608.aspx Hope this helps. Labtech28
  6. Wow. Bad answer. If I put an unloaded actual gun TB (complete with a trigger lock, and a cover on it) in a cache it isn't dangerous? And there isn't much you could do about it? First off why would you waste $200 on a gun to send off as a TB Secondly a gun is fundamentaly differnt from a knife as its main purpose is to kill a knifes isnt, Thirdly it wouldnt matter as there would be no amunition in the gun.
  7. what is the deal with unused condoms. i hate the little calling cards in geocaches that if they get wet they turn to pulp in the bottom . i dont complain about the calling cards you dont complain about condoms.
  8. Obviously you have missed the navigator badge. but getting Groundspeak or someone like garmin to sponser that badge would be good.
  9. Whats wrong with little green army men and bouncy balls. what you define as "Good swag." may not be to others and what if the next person to go to that cache collects dirty bouncy balls and little green army men you would have spoiled their trading. well at least your spelling was correct and you didnt put a dead lady next to the cache for some one to find.
  10. Maby we should hear from bikermel76 what realy intrests me is that that they placed it in a seperate note not a part of their main logg for those intrested http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...=y&decrypt= this is the cache with the logg.
  11. Caching in the UK the most we would evver see is the odd adder or two. However i found a cache the other day and when i opened it saw a snake curled up inside, instantly droped the cache it started to slide down the hill, wondering why the snake hadnt even moved i went to take a closer look. someone had got a rubber snake and attached a tb to it with the goal to get to australia. then it dawned on my why the last finder had said to watch out for a suprise with this cache.
  12. As much as you may hate rural micros, nothing is worse than the horror storys on this forum of nanos in bushes. pointless yes but still very satasfying when found.
  13. its not quite the same as sending out a geocache, maby i will come up with another creative cache and this time it might be original.
  14. do you know why they stopped them? it seems a realy good idea. i only had the idea because i was shamlessly copying an TB that i had picked up, and thought this would be even better if you could count it as a find. plus it solves the problem of getting the land owners permission.
  15. Is it possible to attach a micro cache (ie bison tube) to a travel bug and have it as a roving geocache. so it would be bothe a trackable item and geocache.
  16. I was in hampshire so I shouldnt have felt anything, but I was still dissapointed for missing it.
  17. This isnt as bad as it sounds, i read somewhere that Geocachers have found meth labs set up in forests. of course this was in the USA but it makes you think.
  18. has anyone bookmarked all of the the geo-prisons out there or even a large list of them?
  19. If an active cacher has held on to a TB for a reasonbly long amount of time, is it acceptable to contact them through the site and ask them why they havnt moved it on?
  20. How long does it take for a cache to be pulished?
  21. I have had real trouble trying to explain to friends and family that geocaches arn't buried. even when i explain how impractical buried caches would be due to gps's relativly inacuracy, they still do not get it. even when i show them a cahce that has already been placed. anyone else had this problem?
  22. Thanks for the infomation. i found it realy helpfull and now i know who to talk to when i will doulbtlessly get my caches bounced back to me.
  23. not far from the truth in my troop. looking at some of the contraptions that the scouts came up with last week. i would much rather walk over a bridge made by the girls. mainly as they got the idea that you couldnt just stick a pole over the "shark infested custard" or "deep ravine" and just cross, as that is cheating.
  24. " I know the cache is around here, somewhere"
  25. i have heard the term before but couldnt think what they actualy do. can anyone tell me?
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