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Unlikely coincidences

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I was just scanning my list of TBs when I noticed that two of my TBs are just 2.4 miles apart in Holland at the moment. One was released in France in July 06 (1031 miles) and the other in Birmingham in Jan 07 (6885 miles). They have comepletely different objectives which don't involve meeting each other - but there they are, practically next door neighbours! It would be dead cool if they actually spent some time in the same cache together but that is probably too much to ask.


Anyone else had something similar?



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We released this coin into Defence of the Realm 2 in North Devon. After travelling about 150 miles east after just a few caches it ended up back in the same cache. I contacted the people who placed it assuming they'd done it intentionally, but it was just a strange coincidence.


P.S. Not such a strange coincidence, but most of my geocoins seem to sit in someones pocket for months at a time. :rolleyes: You've just prompted be to prod a couple of people.

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Two of my 3 TBs have travelled completely separately to the other side of the Atlantic and are (or have been until recently) within 100 miles of each other, but still in different countries. one of them is supposed to be travelling around this country! Both of them seem well & truly stuck - one in a TB hotel - been there since September and plenty of people have logged him as seen, just no-one is picking the poor thing up! The other is in the hands of a cacher and has been since June... :bad:


Norman and Eddie

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I've got two little stuffed bears (twins) that were launched from the same cache to race into a cache within 50 miles of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and return. Both went west, one to Oregon the other to Bora Bora. Both then went east and ended up in Mississippi, where after sitting a bit were picked up and reunited by the same cacher who took them to a cache near the Atlantic Ocean. Said cacher then took both to an event and handed them to another cacher who placed them near Houston TX in separate caches. They remain within 75 miles of each other, and less than 200 miles to the goal, the cache they launched from.





edit for grammer, blasted Yanks like me struggle with the Queen's English (lol)

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It's now gone missing, but my TB Recon Ron got picked up by kewfriend and brought back to Edinburgh, it then got taken to New Zealand from there to the U.S. then back to the UK to be picked up again by kewfriend.

The story continued from there: I picked up Recon Ron in the south of France where Kewfriend left him, and after a brief holiday on the Isle of Man I dropped him off back in California, where he'd been earlier in the same year.

What a shame he's lost after over 44000 miles.

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Whilst walking the daog I went to 'rescue' a coin that had been in a local cache for a while (since October), found an identical but different one. The second one had only been placed this morning! First one seems to be missing. :laughing:


"Noticed the icon for this coin whilst browsing. Wrongly assumed it was the same Finland geocoin I placed there in October. Realised it was a different one when I came to log it. What are the chances of 2 identical coins visiting the same cache in such a short space of time?! Will move along soon."

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