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Anyone speak Latin?


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Aloha everyone -


I'm in the process of making a few "ultra-rare-non-trackable-never-to-be-sold-only-given-away-personally-by-me" TikiCoins (a-la Moun10Bike) and I am in need of someone who is very comfortable with that ever-so-spiffy "dead" language: Latin. I'd like to have a few phrases translated into latin for a coin. Please e-mail me or PM me if you are a latin buff. PLEASE only respond if you feel confident translating text into latin - I'd hate to inscribe an embarrassing typo on a coin! :unsure:

This is a long term project, but if you help me out and are VERY patient I'd be happy to send the helper one of the coins when it is done (whenever that is!).




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My Italian is pretty good but I haven't done Latin since I was in grammar school ... some 30+ years ago. Would LOVE to be a Tiki helper!!


Well, I am italian, but never been good in latin. But if you still need it I can ask a few friends that probably can help you.



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A BIG Mahalo to everyone - amazed at how many responded! I think I may have my "coin translator" - I'll be responding to everyone who sent an e-mail. Thanks again! As the coin (sloooooooowly) takes shape I'll post some photos here (as long as that is ok - it is non-trackable, and not for sale, so that is OK to post - correct?).





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Hey Tiki,


Have you thought about going to a nearby high school or university? I am certain they would be able to help you.


I know I have used the internet translators and they are helpful, for the most part, but they are not always correct.


Good luck on your quest!

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4 years of Latin in high school. 23 years out of high school now. Now how much do I remember?!?! PM me a phrase you are looking to translate and let me take a look. I guess I will never know until I try it again!
I only had two years of Latin in high school and it's been 31 years since I last cracked my Latin 2 book, so you'd be better off going with rsfish1. Another idea would be to find a local Jesuit. A Jebby could do it in a heartbeat. :unsure:
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