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Benchmark Picture "Contest" 2008--Part 1


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Time to start off the new year with pictures! Here are a few Yosemite pix from me, resized so as not to make you scroll all day to see them. :-)


The first one is HR0537, a little north of White Wolf Lodge.



Next is HR0847, on the northeast side of Aspen Valley. The mark is at the highest point of the whale-shaped rock.



Finally, HR0853, along the offset Diablo Baseline southwest of Aspen Valley. (I'm still trying to get a handle on the offset, but it had something to do with the original survey crew not being able to bushwhack through the Tuolumne River canyon.) The mark is on a flat rock near that pile of rocks.






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Here is a shot I took in Cardiff-by-the-Sea, California last week. Yes, that is the official name of the city, although often it is just referred to as Cardiff. The disc pictured is a US Army Corps of Engineers benchmark. The nearby NGS database disc is DX1159, across the road from this disc. Strectching the thread rules a bit, but it's such a nice picture, and with temperatures in the mid-US below zero I thought you folks could use a cheery west coast picture. Surf not great that day, but there were guys & gals out there trying. Temperature was around 70 or so.


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The disc pictured is a US Army Corps of Engineers benchmark. The nearby NGS database disc is DX1159, across the road from this disc. Strectching the thread rules a bit, but it's such a nice picture, and with temperatures in the mid-US below zero I thought you folks could use a cheery west coast picture.

Hmm, maybe I haven't read the "rules" of the previous years' "contests" thoroughly. I always thought that the only two requirements were that the photo (1) contain a survey mark and (2) be pretty. Your photo does both, so it seems fine to me!



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Well, I guess the "rules" are pretty loose around here, but I usually try to include an NGS database mark (or at least an RM of one). But thanks! Glad you liked the pic. I was watching the NFC Championship Football Game in Green Bay, and the temp was -5°F, so I figured a nice California picture would be a good idea.

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Good place to ask. First you have to post (upload) the picture somewhere else on the internet. Usually, the ones you see here are uploaded onto the benchmark page. Then, on the benchmark page, on the largest picture you can get, copy the location (URL) from the box at the top of your browser (control-c or use the browser's menu function). Come back here, create your reply, write some words if you want, then click on the icon above the reply box that looks like a green tree. Paste (control-v) the address of the picture into the box provided. It should end in ".jpg". OK it, and finish the reply. Voila!

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... and a few more:



USGS TT 3 TX 1931 by Cardinal



Pillar Point Breakwater (West): 35+ by begneiss



SOUPY by begneiss



LITTLE by NorthWes



SMELTZER by satanmar






H 102 by AD0OR






USGS MARK NEAR TUSCA 1935 by Ernmark



Shoshone Falls Benchmark by Chooch 72

(the mark is in the blue lanyard loop)

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I got a close-up yesterday that was colorful:





It has an interesting history. It's marked with a question mark because it was reported by the USGS as not recovered and probably destroyed in 1956. Then the NGS reported it good in 1983. It's on an abandoned rail line that is now a rail trail.

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A couple from today:


DX2174 in Orange County CA, looking northwest.

View includes the 91 Freeway, much of northern Orange County, and the western San Gabriel Mountains.



Also DX2174, looking south.

The mountains are some of the northern portion of the Santa Ana Mountains. Nice and green this time of year, for a change.

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Here is a two for one special...

The pipe (the cap has long since been removed)

is the benchmark "Confederate"

and the small benchmark to the

left of Confederate is the benchmark "Don"




This is another picture of "Confederate" looking the opposite direction of the first picture




These two benchmarks are located just east of Canyon Ferry Lake,which is located about 20 miles east of Helena,Mt.

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It was such a beautiful day 70 degree spring day here in Southern California, had to share. DY0926 is on the sidewalk of the bridge over Anaheim Bay (no, it's not near Disneyland). The red arrows on the pic show the rather round about path that private boats have to take through the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station harbor, to get out of Huntington Harbor, through Anaheim Bay, and out to the Pacific. I've taken it many times in our boat. You don't want to deviate outside the bouys, or M16 armed Marines will be at your side shortly. Off in the distance on the horizon is the old Howard Hughes Spruce Goose Dome, next to the Queen Mary. It's now used as a waiting room for the cruise terminal there. Of course, the Spruce Goose is up in Oregon somewhere :laughing:



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Springer (LY2725) Moosic, Pa.


Not so much of a great view, or interesting location. I first searched for this one 6 months ago and could not find the last RM. So after the long winter I found it after another 4 hrs of searching.


Now granted I have not found many but this is the first one that the rock was chisled so the mark would have a flat surface.




Tuff to walk around in or even find a benchmark 1' below the surface.



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