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  1. I agree. That is kind of a crappy solution.
  2. Up until a few months ago when adding a cache to a list from the cache page we had the ability to add a note for that cache in that list without having to go load the list and editing the note. Can we had this feature back in? This new functionality makes this process longer.
  3. Yesterday I generated a new Groundspeak token and was able to download some PQs since in GSAK. Today I am getting errors (Message #184) saying my token is invalid. I have gotten new tokens several times in a row and still get this error after each new token was issued when I try to use them.
  4. Having found 1700+ Unknown caches and solved many, many more I find that coord checkers are useful when dealing with advanced level math. ciphers, if a particular puzzle has multiple solutions, or if the solution found in a range. They aren't very helpful when the coords are plainly encrypted (exif data in a photo, hidden in html, jigsaw puzzle, etc) or are onsite puzzles (obviously). I have seen many COs use a certain coord checker to validate that the user did indeed solve it.
  5. I think even for traditionals this would be appropriate. How many times have there been a cache placed with bad coords and another finder has posted better ones? I see this all the time.
  6. Actually querying by published date could be helpful when querying for newly published caches as well. Querying by placed date gets you close, but in scenarios when the date gets modified after publishing you would miss those too.
  7. When creating a cache listing, or after a cache listing is published a user can edit the placed date field. This seems to be what your asking. You can edit the date for times in the past, but except for event types you can't edit the date into the future. Because of this ability to alter the date, it screws up the ability to query by this date since the PQ's don't support any date search prior to 2000. Obviously no caches were listed prior to that. So either, the ability to edit the date needs to be removed or the ability to set the query parameters prior to 2000 needs to be provided.
  8. I have seen several examples where the year in the Hidden Date is set so far in the past that the search by date Pocket Query function will not query for it. One example is GC62EKP with the date set in 1947. I have even seen some with a date of 01/01/1900. Dates should never realistically be placed that far in the past. Perhaps the hidden/placed date should allow the user to edit this date. Example
  9. I am still finding issues with this functionality in various places not returning caches. I have a PQ that fetches most of I-80 in Nebraska from North Platte to near Omaha and there is a section where caches right next to the interstate and well with in the search parameters gets excluded and not maxing out the 1000 cache limit. I have tested this using various PQs that pass through there and shortened the route to do a 80 mile stretch of I-80 where the route is very linear with out much deviation. It returned in this Test PQ I made only when I bumped the radius to the max, which is weird since the parameters returns other caches along that route, but not in one area. Where I am seeing this is from GC317VQ to GC48YF2. Some examples are below. Live Map PQ Map
  10. I did that and got the missing caches that I didn't get before. I wonder why the loop would foul it up. Is there a max amount of points on a route to query off of?
  11. Moun10Bike, on this PQ what I find is that periodically strips perpendicular to the route are where the caches are missing. I noticed two examples and included links to images highlighting the missing caches. Here are the ones I found that are missing Cheyenne, WY GC1DPK8 GC695G5 GC2MJ49 GC191X2 GC276AE GC14NB7 GC1MW02 GC16CW7 GC5NE8Z GC5NE98 GC5NE8Q GC1HYGZ GC1NH4V Egbert, WY GC1NH3R GC1YKC5 Missing Caches GC Map
  12. I have several caches along a route PQs where not all caches along that route are returned. The routes were created on site. I recognize that the routes don't perfectly follow the roads and the map in the PQ preview shows this. The preview also show a highlighted area along the path based upon the radius selected in the PQ. The caches I am missing are well inside this area and are not being filtered out by any options. Has anybody found any similar issues. I have seen this on route between Rock Springs, WY and North Platte, NE, specifically in the Cheyenne area.
  13. I use the ignore list almost entirely for events that have passed or for ones that I know I will not be making. If I want to exclude caches from my GPS I use the user flag to GSAK and filter them out.
  14. If a cache of mine is missing or is damaged, I gladly appreciate the gift of a throwdown. I don't make my caches overly hard and so if I start getting DNFs it is because they are truly missing. I have placed replacements for my friend's caches when theirs go missing as well.
  15. I love finding unknowns, partly because of the challenge, also because I am looking to complete a challenge cache requiring that you have found atleast 2000 non-traditional physical caches. I am almost 100 shy of meeting this goal. Some areas, particularly the Bay Area are full of puzzles. In that area there is a core group of cachers, who I assume work in the tech industry, that try to one up each other.
  16. After midnight server time I had 3 PQs run per the website. I got emails for just one of them. That one is the only one that is available for download by API and by the site.
  17. I have a large set of coordinates for benchmarks that exist in an excel file. I would like to be able to import them into GSAK as waypoints so that I can map them and load them on to my GPS. Can anybody walk me though how that could be done?
  18. This morning I was able to download a PQ and check the number of hits I have left on the APIs, but when attempting to refresh a set of caches in GSAK, the API doesn't respond and times out.
  19. I had 4 selected to run and only two did.
  20. To TPTB, please have one of these at the Earthcache Megaevent in St George, UT on 9/7.
  21. My son was there and I know he was hoping for a loggable cache too.
  22. I really hope that one will be allowed for the 2nd International EarthCache Mega Event in St George, UT on Sept 7th.
  23. I have had caches in my front yard for some time. I usually make them premium member only and a puzzle cache or a letterbox hybrid to limit the novice cachers. Plus I include a blatant hint to where on the property it is, this way people don't look in neighbors yards.
  24. I still cannot load the cache maps. I use the latest version of Chrome on Windows 7 professional. This is taking way too long to get resolved. My browser has been reset multiple times and no luck with the standard fixes.
  25. I have found many caches before they got published. Almost all but one or two were because they were on power trails and some got published but the remainder hadn't been by the time I went to go find them. In these cases the caches were fairly uniform and hidden in similar manners, so you knew what you were looking for and how far apart the caches were (tubes hidden on high way delineater posts).
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