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Garmin 60csx


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It's a very good unit.


If you dowload GPX files from this site, it gives you the hints. It's then a matter of what the unit will display. Using GSAK you can make the hint display on the unit.


I think the note field on the 60 gives you 39 characters to work with. If you can fit the hint in there, then it can be done. A lot of hints are longer than that though.


What I've seen some people do is load each cache into the unit twice. First as a cache waypoint, then again as

a POI. The note field in the POI is a lot longer than the field on the waypoints and should fit all but the longest hints.

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It is a great unit with lots of features.


You can use GSAK to sort of "encode" a large amount of information into both the name and the 39 character field. Some get terrain, cache size, type etc.


Anything beyond that little note is best handled (my opinion) by a PDA.


I just got a TMobile Wing (pocket pc), how do you load all that juicy info into a smartphone? Im dying to know. It beats the hell out of printing pages. Thanks!! :D

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