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  1. That's what I took it to mean, so my recent cache that uses 3 different technologies for "beacons" now includes that icon. I have one cache with FM transmitter an one with WiFi. Both cache descriptions now have the beacon icon. 'Hope no cacher will be worry that no Garmin Chirp is used in above caches :-} We'll see. Martin aka WEINEMA
  2. So this icon is only for GARMIN "Chirp" and upcomming Garmin/Magellan/etc devices ?!? Whats up with caches using WiFi or FM radio transmitters? May I use this icon for those caches too? I hope so :-) Have a nice day, Martin
  3. I did 3 countries in a day in 2008 :-) Most Countries in a day: 3 (Austria Germany Slovenia ) on 12.10.2008 Note: excludes locationless caches. Scroll down at http://tinyurl.com/3aewjow
  4. This is also very often a question here in Germany :-) Have a look at the german geocache publishing queue here http://www.die-reviewer.info/warteschlange.htm and you know why the reviewers (here) are very busy and cacher have to wait a little bit longer.
  5. Yes. Use GCVote ! It's a Firefox plugin and works perfectly !!!
  6. GPS (Global Positioning System aka NAVSTAR GPS) is an US company and so only the US is served (see http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Global_Positioning_System). In Europe you need a GALILEO (see http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galileo_%28Sa...nnavigation%29) and in the russia area a GLONASS receiver (see http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/GLONASS) Well... no! I'm kidding As far as I know Ireland has the same measuring system as the US 1 (englische) Meile = 1.609,344 m 1 Fuß (feet) = 12 Zoll = 0,3048 m and so no changes should be needed at you GPSr. Have a save trip and happy caching! Martin
  7. Well, the transmitter is currently down (frequence stability sucks) but heres the link to my FM transmitter cache :-) http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...f9-16d3a39c2704 It's a small FM transmitter powered by USB port and Windows Media player plays a loop. Happy caching, Martin
  8. weinema


    As far as I know in Germany no caches will (can) be published since 13.January. 'Cause the reviewers tools do not work anymore! I can't understand why Groundspeak set the changes alive... Don't they have a test enviroment and saw the problems ?!
  9. I feel not lucky 'cause all the information is stretched. So much space between the lines/boxes etc. There is less information per webpage now. All in all it's confusing and I'm searching for the menue links.
  10. Yes, www.gcvote.com is super !!!!!
  11. What is it that you suspect is forbidden? That a username is a URL, or that a username is an advertisement? I don't think the website would see anything wrong with either of those. ...that it's advertisement when pointing to an commercial website. I think it's abs. no prob if the username is an URL and pointing to a private website. It's the 1st time I stuble over such a username and I've got just a bad taste with it. Anyhow, I think most owners don't care and most users do not follow the link. So... well... Maybe needless to be discussed Reg Martin
  12. It's not really spam. It's a real found. Well, I'm not really disturbed and I will not delete the log(s). But I don't like such "hidden" advertisement. 'Hope the user will not get "problems" in the future (fe. deleted logs without waring). Martin
  13. Hi all, one of my caches was logged by a user with the username is www.*****.de (**** is a placeholder). The URL referes to a website which includes advertisement for a mediacl practice and a book. Isn't this (more or less) forbidden? Does GS not verify new usernames fe. for "www." Hmm..... What do you think? Happy hunting, Martin
  14. Yes - guidelines. (I don't find every time the correct words in english)
  15. Hmmmm.... We have a bunch of rules for publishing caches (railroad distance etc.) Additionally we're getting more and more problems with - Bomb squads blowing up caches (US only) - Spec. laws for gaslines etc (spec. in US) - AntiGeocaching groups (they steel caches) - Conservationist (they "fighting" against cache in caves to "safe" bats etc. etc.) Next I see cachers who want to archive cache which are to "dangerous" (caves, canyon, diving...). I thinks thats nearly too much. Wondering where we're going with our hobby... Hope you still have fun, Martin
  16. Same for me! I'm also using Googles RSS reader and would like to get the other forum groups. Martin http://geocaching.digimilk.de/
  17. Or send an email to the reviewer who has published the cache (see 1st log entry of the cache). Martin
  18. Oh happy day!!!! Ooooh happy dayyyyy! MapIt! is now working fine with.... Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.11 Firefox 3.0.5 (Portable Edition) Chrome Zooming map, filtering, moving map, searching city, en/dis numbers... Everything works! Many thanks! Martin
  19. Same for me :-( The MapIt! feature is not really working for me - maybe already over 1 month! :-( I've tried iExplorer, Chrome & and Firefox. All in diffenrent versions. But no success. When opening the map the first time everything seems fine. But when using the filter, moving the map or searching for a city nearly every time the map stays blank :-( I love the MapIt! feature! It's one of my favorite Premium Member features (filter)! Please bring it back to work :-* Thanks Martin
  20. The MapIt! feature is not really working a long time for me :-( I've tried eExplorer, Chrome & and Firefox. When opening the map the first time everything seems fine. But when using the filter or moving the map nearly every time the map stays blank :-(
  21. Not really a cheap PDA.... but super cool! Search for "Rugged PDA" or check out http://www.andres-industries.de/rugged_pda Water proofed, shock resistand, GPS, etc. Happy hunting, Martin
  22. I did not read all the comments.... But I can say that I only recommend waterproofed and shock resistand cams! I use the Olympus µ 770SW but there some new, better models out now. Happy hunting, Martin
  23. I joined a flashmob last saturday and was really interested 'cause I never heared 'bout that before.... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...71-cb19a988c2a6 It was really funny! In every corner of the place whre small groups of people looking like cachers (or not?!). Suddenly at 7m the owner was singing "Taadaadadaaaa" (like Beethovens 5th) and all the cacher came together with light candles :-) Then we could grab log papers, sign it, put it back into a box and exchange TBs/coins. 15min later again a loud "Taadaadaadaaaa" and everybody moved away in different directions. The muggles were really impressed and wondering whats going on :-) Everything was super and it was well organiced by BROILER. cu next year! Martin
  24. Hi! I'm caching in Germany near the Bonn/Cologne area since 2006. And yes... I see that most cachers do not log DNF. Maybe because their GC friends should not see that they "not as good" :-/ I do not have any problems logging a DNF - I also think that it's (esp. for the owners) a interesting information that maybe the cache is gone or a information was hidden to well or the cache is not as easy as aspected. Reg Martin
  25. The cacher did not care logging a FTF even he was not there... He did not care 'bout you and your work you had with the cache. I had several discussions regarding "wrong" logs (sometimes FTFs). Meanwhile I will not start discuss with the cacher - most times this will not help and you will recieve not the nicest words. I just delete the logs now´without any comment. Martin
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