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  1. Battery life is not really an issue as long as you use Lithium disposables or NiMH rechargeables. As noted above, Alkaline disposables are still questionable. The rest of the question is off-topic. See the Colorado Wiki here: http://garmincolorado.wikispaces.com for good comparison information (or links to such info) between the Colorado and other units, including the Oregon. I bought brand new rechargeables and a new battery charger/conditioner and has cycled my batteries several times. I popped in my 2700 mAh batteries after 2 days of conditioning and 30 mins in my Colorado gave me a "low battery" warning and now it shuts off every so often. It's ridiculous. I thought the last patch fixed that issue. im bummed.
  2. i have a Colorado 300 with the latest updates and I refreshed my batteries (2700mAh) and fully charged them. I popped them into my colorado and 5 minutes in I got a low battery message and my unit shut off a few times. I am really disappointed. I thought the latest fix addressed that issue. Anyone? Thanks.
  3. im looking for a lambo or ferrari, convertable in red only for $80. Full gas tank too. Thanks
  4. Looking to buy car kit (suction cup/car charger) for the Colorado series. or if you have any other accessory. Thanks. update: just bought one on amazon. $4 after applying to their visa. yay. /cancel after first bill. End of thread.
  5. I, too, like the Colorado a lot. I liked the feel and the rocker. I bought a Nuvi 200 and i definitely miss my 60cx and Colorado. I sold those mid summer. I remember you being a colorado owner...... how you liking it? What are the improvements I'd notice as a novice from back in February 08 to now? Thanks, mate!
  6. I just ordered a Colorado 300 from REI ($339). So the new fixes in the current upgrades havent fixed accuracy any? Thats a big concern of mine, cuz i bought a 400t when they first came out and was shocked to see how off the cursor was on my 400. FIgured those issues would be fixed by now. Anyone? Thanks.
  7. ANy maps loaded? car charger? suction cup? Thanks. REI has a sale for $339 on the Colorado 300.
  8. I just sold my Colorado 400t and a car kit on ebay for $420. She didnt even say thanks, nor has she given me positive feedback yet. Bah!!
  9. I just sold my Colorado 400t and a car kit on ebay for $420. She didnt even say thanks, nor has she given me positive feedback yet. Bah!!
  10. I just sold my Colorado 400t and a car kit on ebay for $420. She didnt even say thanks, nor has she given me positive feedback yet. Bah!!
  11. If you bought your Garmin unit recently you may qualify for the free download. You can go to the Garmin website and register your unit and it will tell you if your unit qualifies. I have purchased 2 nuvis in the last 3 months and both qualified for a free updated City Navigator North America NT 2009 map download. great. thanks. i just bought them last week at Fry's. $129 each. Had to buy 2.
  12. Thanks guys for the input. I have notified Garmin via email and let them know of all 3 issues. Its' funny cuz Google Maps also missed that dead end street. Im going to update both Garmin units this weekend. Does Garmin give you the 2009 North American update for FREE? I just bought it last weekend. Thanks, guys.
  13. Ive had a Colorado and a 60cx. I just bought TWO Nuvi 200 with the city navigator and it's given us wrong directions 3 times. I bought one for my sis, told her to go down this one street to a major street, but turned out being a dead end street. Out here in L.A. (gangland), dead end streets are no good. 2nd time was in downtown L.A. by the garment district, we punched in an address on my sister's nuvi and it didnt get us to the address, but a block away from it. Anyone not like or have any issues with it? I must say its out the box, so firmware/software/updates resolve this? THanks, guys.
  14. i just put mine up on ebay. brand spanking new. ebay wont let me log in.
  15. how do i cancel my geochache membership? i keep getting billed. THanks!! No GPS . I'll be back in full force soon enough.
  16. I didnt want to make this a debate forum like it obviously turned into. Yes, the world is a lot safer now because of you. We all thank you.
  17. I sent you a PM, dude. I don't know what you're trying to pull here; getting your kicks. I am selling the Garmin unit and the navigator software. I bought the unit from the original owner who had used one unlock code on another Garmin and he used the other unlock code on this unit. He didnt want to give me the original copy so he gave me the back up cd of it. I dont know why you're stirring the pot here, VA3HST. I had already answered your question in a PM reply. The unit along with the city navigator, the other cd's all came long with my purchase. That writing on those cd's are not my writing. I am selling everything that came with it when i purchased it. Understand now, VA3HST?
  18. the micro sd card has those maps pre-installed only cuz thats the area i would most probably use. The CD's have the whole US. I would be willing to install "your area" onto the micro sd card so the unit is ready to go once out the box when you receive it, on top of the cd's i send out with the unit.
  19. how the heck did they end up like that? i rotated them in photobucket. a little neck exercising never hurt anybody.
  20. - Garmin 60cx (used on trail about 3 times, mostly in car or top shelved) - 1gb micro sd Ultra (has city nav west coast loaded, U.S. Topo So. Cal, 24K National Parks CA) - car mount (sticks to the windshield) - USB connector (garmin to pc) - Car charger - CITY NAVIGATOR NORTH AMERICA NT v8, TOPO US, 24k National Park back up cd's (the city navigator has unlock for this Garmin unit) Details: I purchased the unit just last year and it's all in EXCELLENT condition. I've used it only to come and go from long trips up and down the California coast and around the metro area. I've taken it geocaching about 3 times. It is registered to me with Garmin, so all is legit. Ship out of the Los Angeles area. You can pick up same day or i can ship via DHL Ground [dhl ground usually reaches its destination CA,NV,AZ overnight]. $400 (includes shipping) PM me. Thanks.
  21. On current City Navigator versions, yes, but not the previous gen. I used a 2nd (free) unlock code from City Navigator in CN that came in my wife's 2610, some 2-3 years ago. It was the version after City Select. Get MetroGuide and use MetroGold, as suggested. I've been using MetroGuide 2008 in my Vista HCx to auto-route with no problems. I also have Topo 2008 installed with no conflicts between the two. I haven't checked the licensing agreement to see if Garmin opposes MetroGold, but I have no interest in checking either. MetroGuide 2008??? That has to be a typo right? I've never heard of MetroGuide 2008. Okay, the correct name is MetroGuide North America V8. It just came out last year for the non-auto routing models, but MetroGold builds the necessary index to convert M-G into an auto-router. I have City Navigator NT on my work's Nuvi 660, and had the non-NT version on my 60CS, the new MG v8 auto-routes no differently than NT and has the same POI index. Doesnt have the colorado in the compatibility list. Is it not? also is the metro guide the same as city navigator minus the autonavigator? For instance, if i findmyself traveling the desert to Las Vegas, the same detailed towns, roads and setups would be on the Metro Guide as it would on City Navigator?
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