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The Great Pumpkin!


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i've just uploaded this one to untrackbale coins wiki. I need photo of it glowing?? and permission from OP for photo use please.

Kiwi - the profile does not show any intention to visit the S Hemisphere just yet although Canada and europe have maps uploaded. The unusual numbering suggests 07 is one year of minting and so perhaps 08...09... this is a longterm project! keepthe faith :blink:

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We have decorated for Halloween and have our spiders in the windows and a Marcus the Carcass up and it looks so cool, he looks like he is comming out of the wall so when everyone goes by they can see him. He Rocks. Signal the frog is out in the front Yard guarding a cache with Haloween yard aornaments for Halloween and he is keeping watch from all the kids that will be coming by to stake out our area. Now all we need now to come pleate us for Halloween is to be spooked by the Mystery Great Pumpkin. You are more then Welcome to Mountain, WI and visit in the NorthEastern Wisconsin Mystery Person.

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Happy Halloween Mystery Great Pumkin, we are here to tell you we are very excited for Halloween to come here and we are hoping that you will be comming to NorthEastern Wisconsin to Oconto County. You ask why? Well we have placed a bunch of Official Wisconsin Spirit Quest caches here in local Cemetaries, just like Indiana has. We would love to see you come here and see the nice caches we have placed out, and with Halooween around the corner would be a fitting time to visit.

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