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The Great Pumpkin!


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Wow, that costume is great!! And, nice job on the pumpkin.


Congrats to all the latest finders. I really hope the GGP comes back to PA!



The pumpkin did come back to PA...the proof is in my hands. B) We scored a coin from a cache not too far down the road...I'll post more later (with pictures)...gotta get the little one convinced that she needs to sleep. Thanks GGP!

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Oh great pumpkin where are you? I scooped your kin out with love and tenderness. I remove your seed to propagate your blood line next season. I light your relatives candle nightly, and pass out candy to little ones who come to see your wonder. Milwaukee is frosty and the season is ripe for an honored visit. . . . . . hint hint.

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YAHOO!! Got a note last night that the Great Geo-Pumpkin had visited a cache of ours, ran right out and snagged that little cutie! We are leaving on a trip tomorrow so will be missing Halloween...the trick or treating, kids in costumes, no carved pumpkins on our doorstep. I think the Great One felt sorry for us and did what he could to put a smile on our faces : ) (it worked!)


Now, whaddya think...whats Vegas like on Halloween? Am I gonna be shocked?

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Congrats to all the finders so far. I just missed out grabbing one of them I saw that the Great Geo-Pumpkin stoped by the pin exchange cache but I was to late as the coin was already gone.No other coins in the cache just the logbook and a lot of pins. I left a coin for the next finder that I was going to exchange for the pumpkin coin.Thanks for making a stop in WV and droping off one of your coins.

Maybe next time :rolleyes:

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I gave up on this thread a while back figuring I wouldn't see one of these myself. WAS I WRONG!!!


Woke up this morning and checked my mail and boy did i get a nice surprise..


Log Here.




Thanks Great Geo-Pumpkin, this was an awesome Haloween Eve Gift!

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Even my pets are having fun decorating for Halloween!




Oh Great Geo-Pumpkin, NC is a great place for you to make a stop... :D


Hehehehe... I was going to post about how much I wanted the Great Pumpkin to come visit mightyzinn as mom and dad (me) were lame and didn't get him a pumpkin to carve when he begged us to, but you know, those pets are just so much more deserving!

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Congratulations to all the latest finders. It's Halloween, I'll be watching and waiting...perhaps it's the magical day? How many places to you think the Great Geo-Pumpkin can visit tonight? I bet there will be a lot! But being the Great Geo-Pumpkin, distance will be problem!


I believe, I believe, I believe!


Congrats Nero and everyone else that has found one of these great coins!

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I knew that the GGP and I had a connection! I hit my 500th cache this afternoon, and boy was it a doozy, but lots and lots of fun. Much to my surprise, when I was about to sign the logbook, I noticed that the Great Geo-Pumpkin had been there before me to leave me a birthday present! The GGP even left me #32!




Thanks so much for the excellent Birthday/milestone/Halloween surprise, Great Geo-Pumpkin!

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No waiting in pumpkin patches tonight! I decided to do Halloween themed caches today in honor of Halloween. I first went to a cache called No Bones About It 2 in a cemetery in the town where I grew up. Imagine my surprise when I opened the cache and there sat the famous Great Geo-Pumpkin coin! I tried to do a dance but there was a police car right at the gate and I decided that he might check me out so I settled for a picture at a nearby headstone. Very cool coin!! Many, many thanks for spreading the joy around.



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