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The Imperfect Contest

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EDIT TO ADD: This contest may take awhile lol, and Toojin, I may just type my final post as a story ending to the islander1988 contest we played in, just for you, lol.


Cointest time! I'm going to run a very different contest this time around, so please read the rules carefully. This contest is for 1 Artist Edition (tsun version) of the Earth Turtle (Black Nickel and Gold) geocoin. I have very few of these so they are going to be very difficult to come by. Here is the rub about this coin. The coin being offered up for this contest is 'imperfect.' Quite honestly had I not stared at it for awhile I would not have noticed why it was imperfect. I'm enclosing a picture of a normal coin then you'll have to use your power of imagination to visualize the imprefection. The imperfection is on the yin/yang symbol. The green portion to be exact, the transparent color outline is just a bit thin in one area but you can hardly tell unless you had a 'perfect' turtle next to it, so the blemish is almost negligable.


So here is the contest explained; You'll read the rules here and then start posting (let's keep it friendly and fun, please). There is no way to win this contest but to be lucky. I'll will wait for a certain amount of time (whenever I feel like it, lol) and I will come back in and post on this thread. When my post appears, whoever was the last person to post (the post before mine) wins the Earth Turtle. I will have no idea if there is actually somebody typing at the same time I am, so my post could pop up just after you finish typing your post. It may appear that I could 'picking' someone but when yo think about it, someone or others could be getting ready to post at the same time I do and who knows who's post will end up before mine. Imperfect yes but fun still the same. Don't bother looking to see if I'm logged in either because I'm coming in anonomously :cry:


RULES: You will have to post at least 5 times before you are able to win. For example, if I come in and post, and your post happens to be above mine, and you only have posted 3 times, the contest will continue on (because I will go through and count your posts) until there is a winner. If it is your 5th post that was prior to mine, than you still win. I have final say on winner.


The contest CAN last up until 12:00pm MST tonight, one never knows...... :P




Yes, I got these in today :cry:



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