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APE cache on record rainy Sunday?


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We have been planning to go APE for our #300 cache tomorrow, not anticipating that the weather would be so crazy. If we don't do it tomorrow, caching will need to be basically on hold until the following weekend so we don't pass up #300. This would normally be a bit of a burden (a whole week with almost no caching!) but especially so because I am single-parenting while daddy's out of town and one of the main ways I keep my son entertained during the day is with geocaching and we wouldn't know what to do with ourselves all week.


Anyway, considering it's a long tunnel but not entirely, should the record-setting predicted rains keep us home? Opinions?

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Just do it.


Wear rain ponchos. The walk through the tunnel is dry-minus the occasional drips. The trail is wide so we you wont be getting wet with branches brushing up against you.


Geocaching, Harry Potter, Transformers or Ratatouille?


I have to concur with this. You never know what next weekend will bring, next month or let alone next year. Don't kick youself for not doing it when you do have a chance. Rain has slowed me down but never stopped me.


Now if it came down to a decision between Harry Potter and Geocaching, I can't help you, I'm havng a hard enough time deciding myself, but the broken appliance won out over both...

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... we wouldn't know what to do with ourselves all week.


Well if you decide to bail Sunday I could take you along to see the Boeing Renton plant where they build the 737. They are having an open house and I can bring as many folks as I want.


The invite is open to anyone else as well just drop me a line.

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It's true what they are saying. I don't know how long you have lived here, but this spring and summer has been more typical Seattle weather for this time of year. We all got a bit spoiled the past four years or so by what us Seattleites would call a drought. It used to be uncommon to see brown lawns. Maybe a few in the neighborhood, but almost always green. The past few years people have let them go because it cost a fortune to keep them green.


You might want to invest in a few things that can make you more comfortable. Gortex boots for one. They keep your feet dry. I would be lost without my Gortex pants. Love em! Then of course a good waterproof jacket. Oh, I also have a nice rain hat you can get at REI.


We actually keep these things in our car all the times. So whenever we head out to cache we are ready.


Like with any sport, the better equipment you have the more you will enjoy it. Skiing for instance. I tried going low budget at first and was miserable.


Have fun if you go!


And no smart comments about the contents of my trunk from those who know me!

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After much consideration, I decided to go with Harry Potter, the Greenwood Park cleanup (to protect our cache there) and the Bite of Seattle instead of getting those last 4 caches to get up to 299 today. We'll just take it easy and do single caches next week (and maybe even other things: like playdates! story time at the library! going to the park to play rather than hunting for caches!) and head up to APE next Saturday.


SunBoy actually likes to be out caching in the rain and was happy tromping around all this past week, but this will be a relatively big excursion for us, so I would rather do it when they aren't predicting flooding rivers in July.


Thanks for all the input! It was actually reassuring that this isn't too difficult a trek for us, if you all think it is easy enough to do no matter how wet the weather.

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