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glennk721 Operation Spreading Sunshine !


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SUB-CONTEST #1 Starts :laughing:


Well packing 50 glennk721 Operation Spreading Sunshine coins was time consuming ! I had some help ,


Who ever guesses who helped me pack , address, stamp and ready the mailers to go, will win a SET of GeoTags ONE in each finish.


You may post 1 time per 30 min , With ONE guess per post.


Here are mailers in process, who was helping me in my home ?


Mailers :::




***(GeoTags will be in hand at the end of the month as my order as in late)***

SUB CONTEST to page 3

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Well I know if i had to do this my little cat friends would be all on the paper! I wouldbe lucky if they didn't get shipped with the coin! Actually my sister did take the cat to shcool once in her backpack..... :laughing:

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Thanks everyone for participating in the short contest :laughing:


The glennk721 Operation Spreading Sunshine brought to the top again, Still have States to drop coins in !


Greetings to everyone ! :laughing:


This is the beginning of glennk721 Operation Spreading Sunshine ! Being that it's the beginning of spring, I wish to spread a bit of Florida (Geocoin) Sunshine to every State in the U.S.A .


I will need YOUR help ! Here is the plan. I have activated 50 Blazing Sunshine Micro Coins,


Special thanks to Jim from Castleman Coins for helping to make this project affordable, and donating a hand full of coins to the cause !


glennk721 Operation Spreading Sunshine Micros


This is a quest to place one Micro Geocoin in each one of the 50 States in a Micro cache (35mm Film can) .


Seeing that it's a Micro Geocoin, I would like to make Micro Caches more interesting for every Cacher across the States.


Lets have some fun while we are at it !


1) I will ask One person to accept a Geocoin to place for me into a Micro cache in your State, One of the 50 Geocoins.


2) I have only one coin for each State to send out.


3) I will mail you a glennk721 Operation Spreading Sunshine Traveler


By receiving and placing a Micro Geocoin from me, You are automatically entered into a CONTEST,

I would like to plan for the coin drops to be done the second week of June. Since April Showers (Hope we all get some) Bring May flowers growing through June and the summer months we will need the Blazing Sunshine Micros, to Spread Sunshine to help them grow !


And in this process travel in a Geocoin Race !


We all love the contest on the Forums, well here is one of mine. :laughing:


The tracking of caches and miles will start the second week of June This is when you will have to DROP your coin ! Then they will be tracked through the summer to the end of September (Last Day). By then the Sun will start to set early and the traveling contest will conclude !


This month to come will allow me time to get your addresses, and the coins to be sent through the postal system., So all should be ready to drop the Operation Spreading Sunshine Micro.


If you drop a coin for me you will be automatically entered into this contest !


Once you drop my coin sent coin, it's (out of your hands) The rest of it's travels will be for the cachers in the States where these coins end up to traveling.


But please keep us posted on the progress along the way in this thread !


The Coin with the most miles at the end of September will win 2 of my GeoTags being minted One in each finish


The Coin with the most caches at the end of September will win 2 of my GeoTags being minted One in each finish.




The cost of coins monetary

The postage and mailers monetary

The Efforts and Of Myself and all of you and a Geocoin in a cache in every state ...


Priceless !!


Here is a list of States in no specific order, Please post YOUR State Number So I can fill in the list !!


Then I have set up a separate email account to keep these separate from my standard overflowing email : - )


After you have posted "your" state number from the list please email me at operationsunshine at gmail dot com with your mailing address so I can send you a glennk721 Operation Spreading Sunshine Geocoin.


There will be other (Sub Contests) in this thread !


And let the fun begin !


1 Alaska - scobey

2 Texas - HiDude_98

3 California - rivercity

4 Montana

5 New Mexico

6 Arizona - Cog&Gil

7 Nevada

8 Colorado - Team_Talisman

9 Oregon - PhantomTech

10 Wyoming -wyohunter

11 Michigan Ladybear4T

12 Minnesota -pfalstad

13 Utah - Damenace

14 Idaho -Toojin & Bart

15 Kansas - larry739

16 Nebraska

17 South Dakota - GPX Navigators

18 Washington - Blue Power Ranger

19 North Dakota

20 Oklahoma

21 Missouri - 57chevy

22 Florida - MommyFinder

23 Wisconsin - Jay Mills

24 Georgia - cmelton14

25 Illinois - CinemaBoxers

26 Iowa - Cydriver

27 New York - Woodland Clan

28 North Carolina - creacher

29 Arkansas

30 Alabama - ~tasia~

31 Louisiana

32 Mississippi - OshnDoc

33 Pennsylvania- lindsychris

34 Ohio - JIMBOBWE

35 Virginia

36 Tennessee - icydove

37 Kentucky

38 Indiana - Team GCHound

39 Maine - acadiahiker

40 South Carolina - donorgirl

41 West Virginia - cainrcc

42 Maryland - Degai

43 Hawaii - sillygirl & jrr

44 Massachusetts - Theseus

45 Vermont

46 New Hampshire - Want2bemore

47 New Jersey - jho135

48 Connecticut

49 Delaware

50 Rhode Island


*** I will loose the ability to add names to this post as 24 hrs will expire please check further in the thread for a new list that I can add names for additional States****

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