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Question for those who geocache armed:

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Colt 1911 either tucked into my waistband on my back or in a 5.11 vest with 2 spare mags. Big and accurate enough for whatever comes my way. I am always surprised that so few people have tried the waistband (ie holsterless) carry. Of course I have rubber Hogue grips to reduce slip and a good strong belt is a help too. It just sits there and doesn't move much. This thread is a big surprise! I AM NOT ALONE!!! I thought I was the only Gun-toting, tree-cutting, mud-slinging, meat-eating geocacher in the world! (this does not mean that I do not respect the flora and fauna of the world)

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Due to encounters with assorted beasties, when in the back country I open carry a Ruger Vaquero .45LC... when concealed it is a Glock 22 .40S&W in a smartcarry holster. I always remember that "when seconds count, the police are only minutes away".


Interesting to see how many cachers carry AND are willing to admit that they do.

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Colt 1911 either tucked into my waistband on my back or in a 5.11 vest with 2 spare mags. Big and accurate enough for whatever comes my way. I am always surprised that so few people have tried the waistband (ie holsterless) carry. ...

I don't find holsterless to be secure enough. Also, I wouldn't want to fire a couple shots and then put the weapon away.
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In the rural areas I usually just leave my Springfield Armory XD 357 on my work belt as GPSr, cellphone, and about another dozen pouches make it appear to be Batman's utility belt. In urban areas I usually leave it in my vehicle, or just slide it in my pants butt forward behind my right hip , or in fobus holster with spare mags. Sometimes I will carry a CZ 82 pistol in my waistband. And my CC card always.

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When carrying, one doxie caries a NAA minirevolver, usually in a pocket. The other has a Glock P23, either in back-waistband or tactical-style side holster.


Before we obtained carry permits, we encountered a strangely-acting possum while checking on a cache of our ours during broad daylight. Was a rather unnerving experience. Made us think...think hard.

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I carry all the time. In the house out of the house caching not caching. All the training I have had has tought me to carry all the time or dont carry at all. Somewhere in the forumns a great comment was made by someone. They said something like, I dont carry while caching, I cache while carrying. That made alot of sense to me. I carry a Glock 32 on the hip with a shirt over it. If I am in the back country of Maine I carry a 500 smith and wesson with a 2.75 in barrel. A bit of over kill but is no heavier then a medium frame 44 mag on the hip or in a shoulder holster. I to have enjoyed this thread and have saved many links to check out in my spare time. Maine allows conceal carry if you have a permit to do so but it is easy enough to get as long as you have a clean record.

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Ditto what others said as far as not "caching armed" but armed all the times.


In regards to the OP:


Normal around town carry is either a Kel Tec P3AT (.380acp) in Galco pocket holster or a Glock 36 (slimline .45acp) in a Fobus IWB holster.


In the woods I carry a Glock 20 (full size 10mm, w/ after market 6'' barrel) in a Blackhawk Carbon Fiber hip holster. Also have to wear my pants up a little bit so it can still be drawn with my packs waist belt on.


While open carry is legal here in PA, I don't do I because it would be more fuss then its worth.

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I wear a Ruger LCP .380 in my back pocket with the help of a pocket holster..... with the shape of the holster it looks like a wallet back there and if you where to talk to me you would never know i carry ( I have a CCW) I want nobody to feel uncomfortable......... Works for me





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I carry in a holster under my arm for quick access, and am permitted for it. I mean why carry a gun unless you can get to it very fast.


One of my buddies carries 3 on him at all times, but I feel like if I can't get the job done with 9 rounds and one gun, I might as well forget it



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Of course someone will come up with some kind of story to argue my point,but hey I don't live in diamondback country.

I do live in rattlesnake country, as well as water moccasin country, and I agree with your point whole heartedly. My favorite treks are deep in the swamps, and I frequently have to move snakes out of my way, or walk around them. I've had my snake boots bitten many times, but never by a snake whose presence I was aware of until the bite. Handguns would've been useless in each of these circumstances.


On a side note, the one time I was envenomated by a snake, it was due to my own stupidity. :laughing:


I am interested in how you got bit by your own stupidity.


I grew up in Arizona and used to open carry a Ruger (cant remember the model). I had several experiences with rattlers but only once felt seriously threatened enough to feel that I needed to put their lights out - there were 3 of them and they had me surrounded.


Now I am traveling the country as an itinerant engineer and currently in GA. The cottonmouths and copperheads scare the crap out of me. I've read they strike first and ask questions later and also that they are very territorial and will persue you if you enter their area. I'm trying to figure out how to deal with that so that I can comfortably and safely go about my entertainment.


Not that I am not concerned with Thuggles. Two guys once were about to throw me over a 600 ft cliff and I was only saved by a group of 10 hikers who came around the corner. They wanted my camera. I wasnt carrying at the time.

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