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  1. I came across this guy while on the way to "Gorge"ous GCPETB
  2. I carry all the time. In the house out of the house caching not caching. All the training I have had has tought me to carry all the time or dont carry at all. Somewhere in the forumns a great comment was made by someone. They said something like, I dont carry while caching, I cache while carrying. That made alot of sense to me. I carry a Glock 32 on the hip with a shirt over it. If I am in the back country of Maine I carry a 500 smith and wesson with a 2.75 in barrel. A bit of over kill but is no heavier then a medium frame 44 mag on the hip or in a shoulder holster. I to have enjoyed this thread and have saved many links to check out in my spare time. Maine allows conceal carry if you have a permit to do so but it is easy enough to get as long as you have a clean record.
  3. Did you try sending him an email? Jim I have sent numerous emails with no replies at all
  4. I carry a glock 32 357 sig to equal the odds of a dnf because there where to many muggles and a 500 s/w when I have to worry about the critters in the woods.
  5. Does that TB have the actual book attached?? If so, maybe this cacher is a slow reader. It does have a book attached. Heres the link. Its a great book http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=131311
  6. If anyone knows this cacher in Mississippi would you please ask them to put my tb back into action. http://www.geocaching.com/profile/?guid=f3...90-f46b3df9d0d4
  7. Ordered mine yesterday. Thanks for all the hard work Andy 3 days left to order. I guess that would make this a limited edition, right??
  8. I did my first 70 caches in the snow or on snow shoes. After wading through lots of snow I finally purchased snow shoes for our winter adventures. Be prepared to get wet and cold. I enjoy it much more than caching in the summer cause there is no bugs and lots less muggles.
  9. I had the same problem last week. Go to mapsource and down load version 6.5 and install then reboot your pc. then mapsource will identify your gps Good luck Dave
  10. I use the palm zire 21 and it very simply and cheap. The more bells and whistle the more that can go wrong
  11. I had the same problem and it was an easy fix. I used MSN as my internet provider and they don't support the neccesary files. I switch to IE and everything was fine. Good luck
  12. I am new to cachng and being new to it I can't get enough of it. I started in November and since it's cold and snowy it just adds a challenge. What's the fun in walking right to a cache that is plced at the base of a tree in the open. Besides theres no bugs
  13. Don't let the snow stop you, There are no bugs this time of year. Make all kinds of confusing tracks in the snow and walk out a different way than you went in.
  14. I use one of those pin on bubble compasses that you can buy for about three dollars and I only use that when I am standing still then just turn my gps to rough estimate and that has always worked for me.
  15. I just started purchasing the things for my first cache and take there advice. Go to a local army surplus store and buy the ammo boxes I did they where 4.99 each. And there also right the lipgloss should go as well as the Super Glue. Replace the glue with Duct Tape. It always works
  16. Welcome aboard!!!!!!!! If you want to know If this something that you want to do there are two books on the market that I absolutley loved reading, one is Geocaching for Dummies and the other is Idiots guide to Geocaching. Don't take this personal but these books give you the low down on what to buy for equipment and where to start as well as various web pages that will be of great help. Dave1976 PS. Happy Caching
  17. Great call on the os palm. I spent a whole weekend trying to get this to work and all I had to do was ask in the forum thanks Guys. Dave1976
  18. I bought the book Geocaching for dummies and it was awesome. Geocaching is not rocket science however there are a few things that the the book brings light to in the simpliest form.
  19. Hello all, It's me again. Coming to you live from the same guy that could get GSAK to work. I've been hearing an aweful lot about paperless caching, so I thought I would give it a shot. GPXSonar is what I thought that I would try. When I downloaded sonar, the program told me I needed ActiveSync (microsoft). I down loaded that also and the program will not partener my palm with my computer. The program will not search the usb ports even though the program says that they are availible. I think it is a software problem but I'm not sure Dave
  20. Use GSAK i find it much more user friendly
  21. It took me awhile to figure it out aswell. I have a 60c and it doesn't use a comport, it uses usb
  22. Just a thought this happened to me in the day light. I accidently turn the light on and the whole time but the life of those batteries were only a few hours with the light on.
  23. In maine geocaching this time of year can be tough unless you have lots of outdoors gear that is very costly. Last weekend we cached and with the wind chill it was hard to write in the logs so we sighned TNLNSL but the at GC.com left many more details.
  24. Is their anyone in central Maine Looking to Cache togeather
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