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All time favorite Cache


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As the title says this is a place to list ur fav. caches that u have visited in sa.

I would have to say that my favourite was "Grotto" (GCWVE4) by adventure king in Mountain Sanctuary park. The other caches in this area are also really good including west pools.

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:lol:Confidence Reef:anibad:


icon_smile.gif2005/05/28 by QFC

Quite a story to tell for this find! It started off with the Reserve being closed for some reason, from 1 May till Sometime in August. Possibly they close during winter. (*just read the logs more thourouly and see that it is closing for winter... woops*). But since we had come all this way to Roodepoort, we decided to make a plan and find this cache. The gates were all locked, so we parked outside a residence that was relatively close (or so we thought) to the cache. After making it over the fence, we went on a small hike to the cache... which took a little while since we didn't follow any path, since there were no paths from where we came. It took us about 20 min to find, for some reason our gps directed us about 10 metres south east from where we finally discovered the treasure.


We took the bottle with sand.

And left a toy car and a goon (big marble)


on the way back we headed straight for a bigger path and climbed over a 2 metre wall... with our friends the "BLACK-JACKS" waiting on the other side. The walk back to where our car was parked was then fairly relaxing, but finding out that the car was no longer there was something totally different. I'm not going to say too much more, but just a warning to all of you: "jumping off a 2 metre wall is dangerous" :laughing: - oh and also be sure to take all valuables with you. Ok that's all... quite an adventure, a little too much for one day me thinks.


This is my third time editing this log entry :anibad: - just wanted to say to GlobalRat, thanks for the cache! Excellant location!!!

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I think I would rather like to submit a favourite per province:


1. Gauteng - Stoddard's Demise:

It was just so bl...y difficult, and when it was eventually deciphered it was absolutely great!


2. Mpumalanga - Pilgrim's Secret

Well go and have a look for yourself why.


3. Western Cape - Cape Agulhas

Haven't done that many in WC, but the Cuppachinos at the Light House are absolutely marvelous, so do this one on a cold windy day. (Most days around here like that in any case :sad: )

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My all time favourites, depends pretty much on my mood for the day.

When the days are open and clear in Sabie, nothing beats Mauchberg cache.

I love Nature's own for the good hide in a beautiful spot, and because it gave me a hard time before I found it.

Surburban wildlife was my favourite urban cache, and I will always have a soft spot for Sabie falls (my first cache and close to home.)

Then ALL three the Trout hideaway caches are on my list of favourites.

O, and then there is the few I found in Finland, which Kanuspaa is one of my favourites.

The caches in the Kruger Park is also special - I like You're on the menu best of all.

Then I also have favourite caches hidden, Pilgrim's Secret and Forest falls will be top on the list, obviously hidden at ny favourite spots in the area.

But then last but not least - I think my favourite cache (for today) is What a wonderful world, I've visited it six times already, there is a very good "feel" at the place. :blink:

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What a Wonderful World


:huh: Yep Guineafowl, gotta agree with you! There's something very special about this cache, which we've also visited several times - so serene and tranquil, but only if you take your time, and absorb it. Don't know what's so special about it though - sure, it's a nice view, it's quiet and peaceful, it's not a rewarding hike because you can almost drive to it, it's not a special box with special content, but there is something else that's very special...... :(


Here's Discombob's log for it -

"This could almost be my favourite cache on my trip (still deciding).

The view was just so divine, and i felt like singing "The sound of music" while running gleefully over the hills.

It was so peaceful with pretty twittering birds, during a long caching day, I was hard pressed to leave, and lingered a bit longer than normal. the seat right by the cache was very handy too!

Thanks for this super cache!"


Who believes in a "benevolent presence" at a cache? If there is such a thing, then this one's got it!!! :)

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'Bob's entire "Lord of the Rings" series is excellent! "Frodo's Journey" is fantastic, I've been back to both many times, but "Paths of the Dead" is my favourite to date!


I have many many other favourites placed by some superb cachers!


But all cachers should do the Lord of the rings trilogy, then you can edit your logs above accordingly! <_<

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All our faves are down in Mpumalanga. Unfortunately Jhb doesn't have the wild, out in the open feel that you get down in the escarpment area.


Our favorites are:


1. Sabie Saunter (Alpha Male) and Pilgrim's Secret (Alpha Female)

2. Sabie Saunter (Alpha Female) and Pilgrim's Secret (Alpha Male)

3. Mauchsberg (On a clear day).

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You ask a good question - Favourite cache ?


What makes a favourite favourite?


Is it the Location, the View, the Hide, the thought behind it, the knowledge it imparted, the sheer fun of just finding it or getting there.


Tugela Vista (Drakensberg) is right up there for the sheer fun of just getting there - 90m up 160m across...

Kirk Falls (Natal) a 50m waterfall that no-one would ever know about!


or is it just a matter that if you find it first it becomes a little special...?

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:laughing:Confidence Reef:anicute:


icon_smile.gif2005/05/28 by QFC

The walk back to where our car was parked was then fairly relaxing, but finding out that the car was no longer there was something totally different. I'm not going to say too much more...


Did your car Actually get Muggled (stolen)??


Took bouncy ball, left VW Jetta 1.8 1994 :wub: - I was not in the suggested parking.... And I now have a shiny new (2 years old) Polo (Quatro 4*4 - as it has been dubbed by the Raiders of the Lowveld).

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Took bouncy ball, left VW Jetta 1.8 1994 :laughing: - I was not in the suggested parking.... And I now have a shiny new (2 years old) Polo (Quatro 4*4 - as it has been dubbed by the Raiders of the Lowveld).


Geez, that's bad. Well at least you traded up and did not leave a lesser value trade item... :anicute:

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Out of the caches I have done these are some of the better ones.


Caches with a view. Nahoon River view, Bell River Bends, Clifftop View and Endless Vista

Caches with great surroundings. Milling around, Chloes cache at "The Gates", Lady Grey Dam

Thoughtful Cache contains. PA Maller's Madness

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Forgot about this thread....


Cathedral Peak and it's Second Prize have to be the best views ever. Definitely the tough factor just to get to them. The great thing is that the views are just plain awesome even if you don't reach the caches. But the best is for last. I had another look at Cathedral Peak today, and the most amazing streak of silver was coming from the escarpment beyond with water tumbling down from Lesotho. I wish I was on the top to see that from close up.

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HAHAHA - Amma Soek Soek, I think you deserve a special prize for your name! :P


Actually 2 in East London


In East London do not miss the oppertunity to do:

1) The Swinging Monkeys by iNokia ! (GC133FY) - Brilliant

2) The Tree Dassie by iPajero (GC10R3F) - Nature at its best.


Thanks Discombob! I took us 3 months to come up with a "lekker local" name! :D

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