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So, are the Gold Compass Rose coins all gone?


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Well I was fortunate to get some from C & P this time around. I did not try at C & P the first sale but I got some from USA Geocoins. Websites all the time have problems.


Instead of people writing mean or nasty emails they should be typing in the trade thread requesting one of these on a trade.


I know people will have extras. I do. :blink:

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I have to agree. Coins & Pins did everything they could to make it fair to everybody. The people that are unhappy should be aiming their rude comments and frustrations to the one's that were trying to buy as many as possible just to turn around and sell them. Do they care that the true collectors here didn't get one. I think NOT !!! I'm sure we will see within the next week or so just who those lucky ones were just tune your dial to the E-Place !!!

Greetings, I truly hope you don't think this of the whole community. I was fortunate enough to buy these when they first went on sale from usageocoins and coins&pins. I have since Traded 4 of them to 57chevy for his Compass Rose Geocoin contest. Another traded to another cacher, and 2 trades pending for others. Did I sell one on the E place yes, and I may sell another, but then again I also have one available on my trade list, with a long seeking list. And not to mention that I gifted 1 coin away to another cacher. Please don't place one shoe on ever ones foot, it won't fit. Glenn : - )


No my comment was not aimed at the community as a whole and I'm sure alot of people here have sold coins in the past as I have done when I first started collecting just to purchase more to add to my collection. But you know as well as I do that their are a few in this community that try to purchase as many as they can get just to turn around and resell them for profit. The point I was making is people should be sending their rude emails and frustrations out to these people and not Coins & Pins who have in my opinion have been completely up front and have done an outstanding job trying to explain the problems with their site.

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I am not really sure what is up with the coin but I do agree this is not life or death. I will live just fine whether I have a Gold Compass Rose coin or not. I like the coin and would like to have one but maybe I won't, so be it. After I started this thread, I checked my e-mail and it indicated my order had gone through even though I didn't actually complete it (or at least that is what I was told). I have only two comments, #1 is that it is somehow insinuated that I sent a rude e-mail to Coins & Pins which I did not. It seems to me that the response above is a bit on the harsh side and although I understand where they are coming from, at least part of the problem is of their own doing. I sent an e-mail explaining my experience and asking if I had in fact completed my order. My #2 comment is that perhaps this frenzy was of their own doing, having two time-specific, limited time sales on their website. To me that is asking for a website crash. It seems to me the method that others have used by offering the coin here and allowing people to e-mail if they are interested works well and no websites crash because of it. The same number of coins will be sold and perhaps people will miss out but they are missing out now. The wrong way to handle it is to start name-calling and copping an attitude that if you don't like it, go somewhere else to buy your coins. I have the utmost respect for Coins & Pins and think they make a magnificent product. They seem to be very willing to help others out with making of a coin. The intent of my e-mail and my starting this thread was not to complain or belitte in any manner but merely to pass along my experience. I think that if they do not learn from their mistakes here then they are setting themselves up for more problems down the line. I hope I was able to order a couple coins but if I did not, life will go on and I may have to pay a little more for one in the after-market. I have done that before and will probably have to do it again. In closing, I wish Coins and Pins and the people behind it all the best and want to say their coins are terrific! :blink:

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I was thinking about testing a theory and putting my kidney up for sale. Judging from this complaining though, I'm likely to get a complaint that it isn't the right shade of pinkish-brown. :blink:


Well you know Yime that lung you sold me just doesn't inflate all the way! I want a refund! :lol::)


To: Parents of SAM

From: YemonYime Customer Service Dept.

Re: Your recent inquiry


Dear Parents of SAM,


We've received your recent request for a refund for the human lung you purchased from the torso of our CEO. Unfortunately, our policy clearly states that human lungs are not returnable and non-refundable. We would have been happy to replace a defective lung, but our records show the remaining inventory is currently in use.


Thank you for your inquiry, and we hope to serve you again in the future.



YemonYime Inc.

Purveyors of the world's finest and most functional toenail clippings.


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all this reminds one of the 'day after thanksgiving sales'


Reminds me of the Live8 concert ticket sales. One of the concerts was going to take place literally across the road from my office (my driveway on one side of the street, the event locale's driveway on the other).


I went to the web site at the alloted time, filled out the form, waited a bit and got two tickets. Then I found out that 20 other people in my office all tried the same thing at the same time and only 2 of them got tickets.


(I felt a little guilty since I didn't even want to go, but I gave them to my nephew and his girl friend and they were beside themselves with joy.)

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I was able to pick up a few more from USA last night and would be willing to trade for other coins. Check my seeking list linked below.


make and offer


seeking best trade offers for a gold compass rose - anything of great quality like an Alaska silver :huh: These are not sold out yet - hurry over to the Alaska coin thread in this forum

or multiple of others

seeking especially 2 of these:



Also seeking Quigley Jones, Leo, pumpkin 2006, magic ball, dliming, Christmas 2005, cat and english egg, washington 05/04, Will consider mission imposible, GONE2, sweet lake, harry potter and other nice event coins highly.


Any of these traded as singletons would be most welcome for something else on my tradelist later

thank you

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