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how to clean my bladder

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Step 1 empty and fill with mild soap and hot water. Brush with bottle brush.


Step 2 empty, hang upside down and dry


Step 3 Mix half cup of baking soda with one and half cup of water. Pour in bladder and shake well. Hold bag away from face and add half cup of lemon juice. After 10 minutes open bag let gas escape.


Step 4 clean tube with baking soda and water mix using special brush.


Step 5 empty, hang to dry.


If using water only, after an initial clean, empty after each use and keep dry. Special hangers available to keep bladder apart or manufacture your own from wire hangers.


If using additives to water, the above steps should be used after each use to prevent mould etc. With water only, keeping dry between use will prevent mould in bladder.

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1 Tablespoon good quality REAL bleach (not color safe or scented -- yes it has happened) to 1 gallon water. fill the bladder, let some through the bite valve. let sit at least 30 minutes. Drain, rinse. 1 teaspoon baking soda per cup of water - refill let sit overnite (this will get rid of any bad taste including the bleach). Drain, use a drying hanger, or just stuff in a couple paper towels leaving the cap open.

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I think rinsing and drying after use keeps the bladder pretty clean, but I'm lazy and often forget to do that after a long day. I use denture-cleaning tabs when the bladder gets grungy. They work well at disinfecting and getting the funk out. Store brand ones are cheap.

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I have a few different hydro systems but I bought some CamelBak tools made specifically for cleaning the bladder: cleaning solution, a tube brush, a bladder brush, and a collapsible hanger that collapses so you can put it in the bladder then expands to spread it open. 'Course I like to leave some of the green stuff in there 'cause it adds some flavor to the water and it... :D doesn't.... affect....






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After i use it i put it in the freezer till i next need it. it keeps the bugs away and keeps your water cold. im not sure if it would shorte the life span because they become a bit brittle when there frozen.


also if you dont mind the taste you can put some iodine in. not sure how much but hikers use it to make water safe for drinking.

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