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Macatac1961 Grabs #3000


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:blink: Way to go Pete. There should be an additional icon in your profile for all the players you've mentored and addicted to the game along the way. My first find was MAC-32 WARBLER WOODS and since then I've seen some realy great trails along with learning more about chiggers, how many ticks can fit on the head of a pin, how much damage cat briars can do to your face, what looking for tupperware in the woods in a foot of snow is like, how to pretend your talking on the phone while looking like a total idiot sticking your hand behind guardrails, walking in swamp water over the tops of your shoes, burning gallons of gas just to get one more smilie. "Wait a minute you've done that how many thousand times --- what are you nuts or something? :blink: " Great job MAC here's to your next thousand finds........
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Congratulations, Pete! Since you've cleared out New York, Connecticut and Northern New Jersey, caches in England and Ireland must be popping up on your closest to find list. :blink: Keep up the good work and see you on the trails.


EDIT: How's that for serendipity - my 300th post. And it only took my nearly 5 years to do it.

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