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Coin Protection Pages

The Fraher Family

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I recently purchased a package of coin protector pages at Books-A-Million, similiar to ones sold on other geocaching related websites. The sheets are made of the same pvc material and durability as those, with a few possible differences; these sheets are 9.5 X 11 holding 20 coins (4 across and 5 down) costing $6.74 plus tax minus membership discount (which is cheaper than ordering online since there is no s/h). Note: these will not fit a standard binder,


They have many coin collecting items, including albums, display boxes, and much more!

Books-A-Million: Collectibles: Coins: Display and Storage

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We have a local coin dealer that sells these sheets also. We love it.

Ours do fit into a standard 3 ring binder though.


What we do is get some 2 X 2 flips and cut them in half put the coin in that and then slip it in the page pockets. We do not use the flips the coins come in because they do not have the nice tight fit the ones we buy have.


We can hold our binder upside down and the coins do not fall out.


We sold some to Team Pez and he said it is working good for him also.

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I stand corrected regarding the bragging I did on the page protectors I purchased. :P


The top has an extra groove so my previous closing device no longer works, not to mention less is more ~ not a great concept here, the smaller the pocket the more pockets available; in other words if the coins are small they fit just fine but as for the larger coins... :)


For sale or trade: plastic page protectors

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Have you guys tried those pvc pages that hold slide film? I was looking for something like what was described above and haven't had any luck. Just sitting here thinking and I realized they might have them at photo supply stores. I don't recall exactly what size a slide is, but I remember they had them for every format of film produced. I used to have some in college, maybe I'll dig them up tonight if I get a chance, but I thought one of you might have beat me to it.

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I buy my supplies from a local coin dealer.


I use the "Crown" size cardboard flips for coins up to 1 5/8 in. They cost about 3 cents each.


The pages also come from the same coin dealer and run about 80 cents a page, they'll hold

12 coins per page.


That was a good tip from you Night_Hawk....I just ordereed the 'Crown" sized mylars in the 2-1/2" square size w/ a 2" dia window....they will be great for those large coins such as the New Mexico, or the Isle of Man....maybe the GeoScrew will fit in there?....Hmmmmmm

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