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Largest Cache Container

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Hi all


Just wondering if anyone has hidden a bigger cache container than this:


It is still there, 45 days after being hidden and has many finds to its name. To comply with the Big Cache Contest rules, the container had to be largely filled with trade items. I estimate the trade items occupied about 500 litres of space

Curious to know if there is a larger cache out there!

This one was 1575 litres big.



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I have one that's an abandoned refridgerator, and I've heard of one (now archived) that was a camping trailer in Los Vegas. There's been a couple of large ones (a cabin, broken down vehicle), so there are definitely some very large ones out there.


The largest one I've found was a footlocker sized one.


Keep up the good work :unsure: .

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My latest shopping find is nowhere near as huge as any of the above, but for a bigger-than-average cache that you can still reasonably haul out to the woods without a forklift, I found a really cool container. It is bigger than an ammo crate, but somewhat smaller than an APE cache. It is a military food warmer/cooler. Looks basically like an army green metal cooler, maybe a bit taller than wide, so it is pretty deep. It contains three metal containers with lids (non-sealable), that fit inside. It has a nice rubber gasket around the top and two latches on the front, two hinges on the back, handles on both ends.


I plan on using the inside containers for craft storage and put the big outer container out in the woods.


There is an old moonshiner's camp along a horse trail in the nearby state park that has a dozen or so abandoned cars scattered along the trail. I plan to drop this baby in the back seat of a '39 Ford and let y'all have at it!


It was $20 at the surplus store I discovered the other day. It's part of the ceramics/cake supplies/dollmaking store. Not an odd combination at all!

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The largest cache container I have ever found was an abandoned car in the woods, which had apparently lain there for many years before an ingenious cacher decided to allow it to serve as a geocache as wel. The primary logbook was the exterior of the car, and a black indelible magic marker was to be found under the car. Quite fun! I prefer not to give the name of the cache because I don't wish to spoil things for future finders of this cache!

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