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I think the person using FTL is trying to make sure it's understood that she isn't the FTF.


If am one of the first to find a cache, but not the first, I try to give the person who was FTF some time to log their find online before I add my own log, but not everyone does it this way.


I log as soon as I can on a new hide, just to let the MEFF hounds know that the FTF is gone, whether I'm first finder or not. We were second finder on 5 hides today, but logged first on a couple. I referenced the first finder in my online log.


I'm rather fond of FDNF. Which I saw on a cache page today, a hide we ran out of time for, and maybe a good thing to. There was First to DNF and LA DNFer and even a third DNF. First time hide, hider with 4 finds. I'm guessing some coordinate follies on that one.

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I've used FTL in cases where the FTF person doesn't log their cache immediately after finding it. It would be nice to wait for the person however not everyone has that time, so I'll just say something like


"FTL But not FTF, I'll let them claim bragging rights"


I don't look at it as a sour grapes kinda thing, its just not everyone logs their finds as quickly as everyone else. Some people I know don't log their finds till the end of the week!



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