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Back-up Geocaching Usernames

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My first choice is what I have W7WT. Most of my ham and Geocaching friends know me by that. Simple to sign log and I doubt if anyone else has it or would want it. My second choice would be Rodger Windsock who was a fictional aircraft pilot about 60 years ago who was my hero. Dick, W7WT

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You could change it to 'Short Bus' and still retain the theme ... B)

My husband calls it the Mr. Dee Dee bus.


I don't know what I'd change mine to. My current name fits so well with our 7 dogs, 7 cats, 6 horses, and 2 fish. At some point all but 5 of the horses have lived in the house, too. And we used to have 2 dwarf rabbits inside, too.


Will Cache 4 Pet Fud

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