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  1. You're chosen at birth... if you come out with a GPS in hand then they just know
  2. I bet there would be some awesome FTF prizes lol... a free trip to jail... being shot... You wouldn't have to sign the log... your finger prints would be sufficent
  3. I got the FTF, now I'll show you the moon walk.
  4. Try doing the robot. It works.
  5. Yeah, I have really never thought of giving props to you guys. But thanks! Have a great year with many 's edit: typos!
  6. I'm scared of metal boxes. I'm allgeric to cheap toys. My dog ate my GPS.
  7. We should also wrap the contents in a zip-lock and let it get musty. You want them to have the full experience... don’t you?
  8. I have in Holland and Belgium... I got side tracked by the beer But I would have found them
  9. I'm really good at forgetting where i set my GPS... I'd say world class good
  10. I don't want a beaten path, I want to break my own. I feel better after finding it.
  11. Bumper stickers make my day... and it makes me seem witty as I drive by others
  12. Together we smile , divided we post DNF's !
  13. I live in Upsate NY, you can mail it to me e-mail me if ya want to.
  14. Will Upstate New York work? I am making a new cache or two that draw attention to it. Let me know ! Happy to help!
  15. This is soo awesome. I was thinking about getting one but idk how it would be Thanks for the chence!
  16. I love finding buttons... I found this cool Bill Clinton button that I like, even though I am Republican... Items such as cool key chains or playing cards are cool
  17. wow at 28.8 k its seems just fine for once dial-up pays off!
  18. Just bring nice warm gloves because your going to have to move that snow around quite a bit! Have FUN!
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