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3.08? Holy smokes! You should have updated that ages ago. You can either download the update from Magellan or DR will come with an update disk (although it may not be the latest firmware).


As for problems with DR? None that I know. There's a nag which requires you to install the CD each time you use the program, but that can be "fixed."


In use on the GPS, DR will get you where you want to go, although it's not always the best or most direct, or most scenic route. Nonetheless, I use the autorouting just about every time I get on my motorcycle.


I think in practice, you'll find using the software on the GPS to be fairly intuitive, especially if you already are familiar with using the GPS. You'll be annoyed by some of the things it does, like change your zoom setting, backlight settings, and a few others...


Once you get the software, if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask.


You have an SD card, right?



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what i saw in the meridian platinum updates was that it could handle a sd card of 128mb. would my gpsr use a 512mb sd. i don't know if there is any difference.

Of what you can buy on the market today, there's no known limit. There have been reports of 2G cards being used successfully.

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