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    Pocket Query

    tried twice and still nothing, will have to try later today. 10/20/06
  2. njload

    Pocket Query

    I have accepted the terms of receiving pocket query's and generated 3 in the last two days yet they do not get sent to my email. Is there some problem with this feature? Any help is appreciated, as I am looking to go out this weekend. NJLOAD
  3. I have a Sportrak Pro and also have a 60C and the Magellan under tree cover keeps a signal better than the 60C. I have been lucky and not experienced cracks or stripped battery compartment screw and have had the unit for around 2 years. I would say $63 is a good deal and buy it.
  4. Don't know if Waypoints would be an issue, as this unit would be for my dad. Is the 499.00 minus 50.00 rebate a good price though? Magellan site lists for 749.00. Thanks for all the replys
  5. Like I said before the box is the only display at this wholesale club, but it mentioned something about a usb cable, what is the use of this?
  6. Well, I can pick one up at a local wholesale club for 499.00 with a 50.00 dollar rebate. They don't have one on display, so making a decision by looking at the box is difficult. It comes will all the maps loaded on the units hard drive as it's called. Are the maps street level? I have a SporTrak pro and gpsmap 60c for geocaching, so this is going to be for my dad and his car. Any other ideas or input?
  7. Anyone have this unit and do you like it? Any pros/cons on this system.
  8. I use Street Atlas on my laptop and it works great. If you also use GSAK and download all your Cache sites you can also see them on the map.
  9. Is the waypoint one you created? If not you have to take into consideration the accuracy of the GPS that placed it. When I'm GeoCaching I consider anything within 20 feet a good find. Just my 2 cents worth. NJLOAD
  10. I would like to know also. As of a month or so ago, when you clicked on the link it came to a page where you could email them but now nothing. I also bought a few things from them and was very happy with the service. Any info appreciated
  11. I have a SporTrak Pro and the 60c, the SporTrak keeps it's signal better in tree cover, but they both have features that would make it a tough decision if I had to buy one or the other. Keep in mind the price of the mapping software for street level mapping, unless you plan on using a laptop. Good luck with your decision. NJLOAD
  12. I also have a Tungsten E and CachMate........GSAK is the only tool you need, it does it all. Just my 2 cents worth.
  13. I have a Sportrak Pro and the 60c and the Sportrak does not lose reception like the 60c does. I have had them both side by side and under heavy tree cover and the Sportrak did a better job. I must add that I would not get rid of either one, because of the different features. Just my two pennys worth.
  14. geobc, thanks for your more tack-full response. As of this reply there have been 111 views and I wonder out of the 111 how many knew it was a command line program and not a GUI interface. Unfortunately we are not all computer savvy when it comes to command line programs, and the help file synopsis as it's called, also is not user FRIENDLY. Sorry I asked such a stupid question. Again thanks
  15. How does this program work? I am running a Tungsten E and the newest version of CachMate and CM2GPX and can not figure how to export log notes to gpx file to import into Gsak. Any Help is Appreciated. NJLOAD Edit: When I click on the cm2gpx.exe file nothing happens, quick screen flash and nothing. Thanks
  16. I just sent for SD and hope to have it for the weekend, so I also would like to know the work-around for not having to use the cd all the time. Any help is appreciated. NJLOAD
  17. Hey, thanks for all the help. I was wondering what the screw size was. Really don't want to strip that baby. I will have a look around and if I find something I will be sure to post the results. Thanks dave
  18. I lost the button that screws in the back of the unit. Does anyone know of a replacement remedy or do I need to go to Garmin and buy the belt clip and button as a combination. Any help appreciated
  19. How can you tell what firmware version you have? Any help is appreciated. Thanks NJLOAD I found the answer in another post. Thanks
  20. I agree with Sputnik 57. GSAK and CacheMate are the only things you need as far as software. You can use GSAK for so many things. I use a laptop and GPS for real-time navigation and I export pushpins from GSAK to locate all Cache’s for the area I will be traveling. Cannot say enough for both of the above programs. NJLOAD
  21. NightPilot, thanks for the site. Yes you are dating yourself and it sounds like around my date also. No such thing as a calculator in school in my days. Ahhh the good ol days. Thanks again.
  22. Is there a site that explains the formulas, for some of the more complicated cache sites? Example GCKQ42 gives you three coords on the circumference of a circle and you have to locate the center. Or is there a program where you could plug the coords in and have it do the work for you? I'm looking more to understand the math, than have the cache figured out for you. The theory would be nice in the future, if you wanted to create a cache of the same nature. Thanks NJLOAD
  23. Any input on this software and how easy it is to use?
  24. I also have the Tungsten E and I am very much interested in if any cables are available to connect to SporTrak Pro. As of now I use my GPS and Laptop for real time navigation running DeLorme Street Atlas 2005. I use Cachemate in the PDA but would love to hook up to GPS if possible.
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