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Geocaching.com Logable Geocoins

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Is there a list somewhere showing all of the geocaching.com trackable/logable geocoins?

Two of them buried in this section of the forums somewhere.

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Here's a copy of the list I've been keeping for myself (I'm sure I've forgotten one or two) some of them haven't been released yet.-- and as for U.K. I know for a fact that their website orginally said "trackable on geocaching.com" and had "UKxxxx" in the center of the coin, but I see that it has since disappeared.


GC.com trackable coins


Alabama (prefix AL)

Colorado (prefix CO)

Compass Rose (prefix CR)

European Union (prefix EU)

GeoCoin Club (prefix CC)

Georgia (prefix GA)

GeoWoodStock III (prefix GW)

Germany (prefix GE)

Holiday Coins (prefix HC)

Maryland (prefix MD)

Michigan (prefix MI)

Midwest GeoBash (prefix GB)

Moun10Bike (###)

Mt. McKinley (prefix SS)

New Jersey (prefix NJ)

New Mexico (prefix NM)

New York (prefix NY)

Ohio (prefix OH)

Pennsylvania (prefix PA)

Screw Geocoin (prefix ??)

Tennessee (prefix TN)

USA (#####)

Wisconsin (prefix WI)


Trackable personal coins (prefix PC)



Caught Red-Handed


Kilted Cacheer

KS Wader

San Francisco





edited to add Compass Rose prefix.

Edited by Windrose

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How about the "Selective Availability" coin?



Yes, as Big JohnP said, it is one of the Geocoin Club coins (a new coin every month) and has a CC prefix. there is also (in addition to the satelite coin) a First To Find coin, Ammo Can coin, Benchmark coin. So far anyway.



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