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My Sig Item

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I think i might have found a sig item SHRINKY DINKS if i can find them.

I already have a card but that just doesnt seem like enought to trade for other sig items ive thought about a buckeye (little nut that looks like a chestnut except its poison if you eat it its supposed to bring good luck) can someone please HELP!!





desperately searching for a sig item :laughing::laughing:

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One word of advice about buckeyes. I would suggest sealing them somehow if you're going to put them in caches. Being around Central Ohio, and therefore "Buckeye Country", I've seen a lot of 'em in caches. If they're left in there too long they start to rot which can make a smelly mess of the cache.

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A shrinky dink might be an interesting sig item, but if a lot of people start using them it would get old quick. I get the concept, but it is really just another sig card and not terribly exciting unless you make them interesting by your design.


The most interesting sig item I have seen is a little keychain thing by Epiduralgirl. It was a knotted thing with a painted piece of rock in it. I don't have any keys on it, but I keep it in my truck. It is almost nice enough to have put a TB on it and track where it goes, a lot nicer than a dollar store toy. :laughing:


So I vote for making something unique and interesting. If you can do something along those lines with shrinky dinks, then go for it!!

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Below is an example of what I do with shrinky dink "paper". The shrinky dink paper is nothing more than acetate that you can draw or print on and you can usually find it at your local crafts store. Once you have what you want on the paper, you cut out the shape, and bake it. It will shrink to about 25% of it's original size. There are some that are ink jet compatable, but as with the business cards, you'll need to seal them so the ink doesn't smudge off. I use clear coat spray, which is again, easily located at your local craft store.


I let mine stay curved instead of baking flat. The image is reverse printed so when you look at the robot, it looks like it's looking back at you... from any angle.



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