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  1. When I get PI, I scratch the heck out of it, and then douse it with vinegar. It burns like fire, but will usually dry it up.
  2. Kand


    Geocoin sent. Enjoy
  3. Kand


    Hey Daniel, If you e-mail me your address, I'll send you an Oklahoma COG geocoin. ~Keith~
  4. I dip the ends in candle wax to keep them from splitting, while the staff is drying.
  5. My Explorist is a little over a year old, and here lately it has been loosing the points of interests that I have added, and saved. Everything seems to be working fine, and then one day when I turn it on, BAM! All the POI are gone, and it's getting to be a pain to manually punch them back in. I have changed the batteries, that doesn't seem to be the problem. Anyone have any ideas why?
  6. Shrinky Dinks would make a great signature item. I used them for a signature item in a cache I placed at a Spring Fling I attended. I bought them from Hobby Lobby (craft store). They shrink fine in a regular open, or a toaster oven.
  7. Kand

    Atv's In Oklahoma

    I'm an ATV rider. I have placed/maintain a few caches around my area, while riding my ATV. I have wondered about placing a cache at Little Sahara State Park.
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