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  1. Just out of curiosity. because I happen to be one of those extras, How many of the LE Peach coins did you end up having to order over the 200 limit?
  2. You're all assuming nobody found it!!!!!
  3. I considered both units as well. I have handled both units and to tell you the truth the actual handling and button positioning has not made one bit of difference to me. Either one is fine. I ended up choosing the 76CS over the 60CS. The only reason why I chose the 76CS over the 60CS was simply for the extra memory which I thought I would make good use of. If you only plan on using it locally and really never intend on doing a lot of "travelling" with it, the 60CS is just as good.
  4. Sorry, My computer must have been locking up on the confirmed screen. I refreshed and my name popped up. Thanks.
  5. I thought if you had a paypal invoice you were in??? I don't see my name on the completed list of LE coins, I have a paypal invoice, and I did not receive a refund. Whatsup?
  6. The dog keeps getting fatter, yeah.... But has anyone noticed that Hurley hasn't lost any weight yet. What can he possibly be eating to keep up his physique?
  7. ...You refer to everyone other than yourself as a muggle now, and you are assuming they are just that.
  8. My first order hung on submitting payment. I then checked my account to see if it had gone through after receiving a error page. I then resubmitted payment after seeing that it had not showed up on account page and it went through the second time, but not sure it coins had already been sold out by that time. I'm assuming if payment was processed that my order came through in time, otherwise payments will have to be refunded to those that were too late. Is this correct?
  9. I also ordered 2 LE coins. Got stuck on paypal and had to resubmit, so I forgot to make sure my geoname was entered. It is dyankee1995 if you need it.
  10. Please put me down for 2 regular screws. Thanks.
  11. We bought my 13 year old son a Garmin etrex Legend and this is the one we all used to get our start with geocaching.
  12. We just bought a 76cs about a month ago and love it. The buttons on the top have not been a problem for me, but my husband, like someone above, has a habit of picking it up with buttons on bottom. Must be a dyslexia problem. We also bought a neoprene case for ours and love that as well. The users manual is a bit vague in a couple of areas, but for the most part explains everything well. What you don't get from the manual you should be able to figure out on your own fairly easy.
  13. You can find the shrinky dink "paper" at a dollar store. Also, I wouldn't mind finding a buckeye, haven't seen one of those in years, poisonous or not!
  14. I'm not sure if this is where I should be posting this question, but here goes: I added an avatar and did a test, which is working, but... When I went to check to see if it was "working" I got a popup from Home.comcast.net asking me to enter a user name and password. I just hit the cancel button and it went away and my avatar still shows up, but will I have to keep dealing with this popup everytime I post now? What did I do wrong that would make this comcast popup keep appearing? Thanks
  15. Thank you ClydeE. I read your tutorial and it now works. Yeah!
  16. Okay, I changed some of the attributes and when I run pq I finally get a list pop up, but I am still receiving the same error message when I try to downoad the .gpx file from the cache page. "There are no matching files to load. Import aborted" I think the problem is in how I am setting up my options on the software itself, but I have been unable to see something that looks "off". Thanks for your help though.
  17. All Right, I set up Pocket Queries and now whenever I try to download a .gpx file to gsak I keep getting the following error message: "There are no matching files to load. Import aborted." I also get a none found message when I run pocket queries or when I receive an email. I have tried changing my Pocket Queries set up a couple of times, but have not been able to get any other message. What am I doing wrong?
  18. I ordered 4 yesterday! Can't wait to get them. Thanks!
  19. I also just downloaded GSAK. I have been able to download waypoints, but only as a .loc I have not been able to figure out how to download as a .gsk There are a lot of features available on this software, so I am guessing it will just take me a while to figure it all out. I do like it much better than EasyGps, though.
  20. We flew on Airtran from Rochester, NY to Atlanta in June and had no problems using ours. We waited until it was announced that you can turn on any electronic equipment, though. One flight attendant glanced at us for a moment to see what we were doing, but said nothing. Only problem we had was blinding the guy behind us. The light from outside kept reflecting off of our GPS screen toward the man sitting behind us. OOPS!
  21. dyankee1995

    Garmin Units

    I just purchased a Garmin GPSMAP 76CS and noticed while I was messing with it in the house, that I could pick up strong satellite signals. We do not have a sky light and I was not sitting next to a window. We then tried it with my son's Garmin Legend and he had similar results, but with a little less strength. Is this normal? I was under the impression that a GPSr could not pick up a signal unless it had a "clear" view of the sky. What would cause us to be able to pick up a signal in the house? If this is not normal, has anyone else had this experience with Garmin units or any other brands?
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