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  1. yea i thought that might be a bad idea so we can mope together
  2. I think i might have found a sig item SHRINKY DINKS if i can find them. I already have a card but that just doesnt seem like enought to trade for other sig items ive thought about a buckeye (little nut that looks like a chestnut except its poison if you eat it its supposed to bring good luck) can someone please HELP!! desperately searching for a sig item
  3. Ive heard about these shrinky dinks ive seen pics but where do you get the stuff to make them and how do you make them???? helplessly searching for a sig item
  4. Of all those people that say you have to pay alot of money for a detector YOU ARE WRONG. I have a tesoro amigo 2 it is the same thing as the compadre but a slightly older model that ran me about 100 bucks i bought that 3 years ago. And i have since paid it off (with my findings). if you ask me caching goes hand in hand with detecting so thats why i started caching is because it sounds sorta like detecting. Since i started detecting i bought that tesoro and paid it off and i bought a 600 dollar detector at a yard sale for 20 bucks!! (apparently the owner couldnt use it) so that worked to my advantage. ive paid it off and all my digging tools. I love metal detecting for civil war relics and old house places.
  5. I was just looking through the benchmarks close to me. And then wam into the side of my head. I just realized that ive found a bunch of benchmarks. but i cant log them. You see i was out a couple of years ago with my grandpa metal detecting (this was before id ever heard of benchmarks or geoching) and i found these cement blocks in the middle of the woods with little metal disks in them with numbers stamped on them and i thought it was cool so i took it home JUST KIDDING. I didnt take them because i thought they were well i didnt know what they were so i didnt mess with them. and about 30 or so feet away there was a metal sign on them that said do not remove under penalty of law so thats my spill (sorry if i made you mad about the joke about taking it) so i think i will go back to find them
  6. Hi i just recently bought a garmin GPSr (etrex) for 5 dollars!!! Well i thought it was a good price well i would just like anyones input on this and see if anyone has ever encountered a bargain like this.
  7. Im not bragging but im 15 years old and just joined, and i have only found 1 cache because i have a broke leg. So i thought it would be a good idea to get my dad to help me place some caches, and we did and it was only about the third or fourth time i used my GPSr and i did my coords without a single problem, but i see where yall are coming from. It would probably save a lot of trouble.
  8. The new bug design should definitely be........... .......... .......... .......... DUNG BEETLE That would definitly be the best design ever!!!!!!!
  9. Im trying to get a good sig item so where can i order poker chips or is there somer where i can buy them?
  10. I have been contemplating my own sig item and i have no clue i am willing to take suggestions from anyone. I would like the item to go hand in hand with my name. So please help me out.
  11. Ok, so im new to geocaching and im new to geocoins, but ive heard so much about this moun10bike coin, and i dont get it. What is so special about it. If anyone wants to sell any coins just post that here to cause i want to buy a few
  12. ive got a broke leg thats why i dont have any caches
  13. Ive heard yall talk about geo cards what are these. Can somebody post a pic of some of them.
  14. thats the coolest coin i ever seen but sorry i do not own a geocoin to trade
  15. I dont know when the first one will come out but the front will have a deer head that i drew myself it looks really good and my name and geocaching.com on the back either a ladder stand over a foodplot with a sunrise or a hunter kneeling over a deer giving thanks any suggestions on either one or a different one from what i said would be greatly appreciated. And i would like to know about how many to have made
  16. I think i will probably use a pic i drew and print a bunch and laminate them the pic is a deerhead hence my name looks pretty cool plan on having a coin made to
  17. i want to upload the design on this forum from my pictures how do i do this
  18. when does lemon fresh dog plan to give away the coin
  19. why wont my computer connect to clayjars chat room i was on there last night so i know it works
  20. Probably get my first cache in a week or two finally going to get out of this broken leg thing going after a white jeep tb
  21. sorry about that guys i posted it once and it didnt show up didnt mean for it to do that
  22. i love my dog because it has saved my familyt from gettin snake bit a many a times it bayed poisonous snakes we would have stepped on and got bitten if it wasnt for her
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