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DNG: Did Not Geocache.


I thought about geocaching today, but it was too hot. I am sure that there are always a myriad offering of reasons NOT to go geocaching, and I propose a category where these logs can reside.


I downloaded my PQs, uploaded them to my finnicky eXplorist 600, sent the HTML to my Zire21, and stayed home. Instead I listed a few odds and end for sale on Ebay, ran Jamie Zs car up and down the highway to keep it in good shape while he is away in Europe, and helped my parents out with some computer problems.



Today was a successful DNG!

Not a smiley, perhaps, but instead, we can achieve one of these. -> :laughing:

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Oh yeah--May I post my 9 DNGs here? I discovered the maps, "identified" all the caches nearby where I'm going later this week (not that many around where I live), printed up my log labels, am experiencing angst because I have the most basic GPSr, etc. etc. etc., and I'm READY...NOW...SHOW ME THE TIME!!!!!


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I logged a DNG yesterday. I'm working in the DC area, but haven't had a lot of time to geocache down here. Yesterday was beautiful. Sunny and not too hot (its been an oven here for weeks), so I decided I was gonna split work a bit early and bag a few caches.


I was about ready to shut down my laptop when a meeting reminder pops up on it. Forgot all about it. Meeting with my boss from 5-7, then a team dinner afterwards :laughing: .


Oh well. Thank goodness for those reminders though. The last thing I would have wanted while out geocaching was a phone call from my boss asking where I was.

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Yeah, it has definitely been DNG weather in the Midsouth (where Mr. Lost lives) for way too long now. I've lost track of the times I considered going but decided not to because of the heat/humidity. Looks like this Friday will be the best chance for (slightly) cooler temps any time soon. I need to find at least one cache here before leaving town again, though (my personal travel bug needs the mileage. :laughing: ), so I'll probably be out sweating somewhere this weekend.

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The last thing I would have wanted while out geocaching was a phone call from my boss asking where I was.

Been there, done that, was signing the logbook one time no less.



Whew! I'm not the only one. Happened last week, and went something like this...


BOSS: "Just where ARE you?"

JD: "Uh.... um... I'm out."


At least it was during the designated lunch time (when I don't geocache during lunch, which is more the norm than otherwise, I do not take a lunch. Now the fellow EXPECTS me to be there during lunch. :unsure: Hence, my recent uptake in caching during lunch...)

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... The last thing I would have wanted while out geocaching was a phone call from my boss asking where I was.

Its happened to me about 4 times - always right as I spot the cache....sigh - trials and tribulations of being "on-call"

Amen to that, I really dislike being on call. My boss called me this morning about 6am. About 7am, he asked why I didn't answer the phone. When I told him I was out in the woods looking an ammo can, he looked at me with a funny look and said 'You were dreaming about being out in the woods looking for ammo cans ?' When I told him I really was out in the woods looking for an ammo can, he just nodded his head and walked off.

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