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  1. What do you do when you want to transfer a cache from one person to another? And, the searcch feature is down, at least for me.
  2. See, I like what the original poster decided to do. Rather then go and find the cache, or ignore it, which is what all you wierd people with common sense would do, he choose to come to the message boards and ask an idiotic question instead. I like his style!
  3. Back on topic, technically, a cache like this, one that deals with specifically copied CD's shouldn't be approved. Cache content rules don't allow for anything "Illicit" or illegal. Giving away burnt cd's is definitely illegal. My suggestion, specifically state that they need to be original cd's, not burnt copies. Then you would be good and legal.
  4. Wow, shocking, another week goes by and another moron posts about someone logging a find that they shouldn't have! Why are people so stupid, why can't people just play the game their way and keep thier noses out of other peoples business. Who cares what they did, they are playing their game. So of course, with his tiny little brain, his first thought is to complain about it online, rather then use these boards to learn or teach, he wastes everyones time by adding yet another stupid post from another stupid cacher.
  5. Doesn't that require welding the L bar to the can? I do not have that ability. Plus, the link that was posted at maglock, seems quite similar to the eyebolt idea, but likely more expensive and I can't get it right at homedepot. The only thing I need is to make the hole on the latch bigger, any ideas?
  6. What if the hole in the front flap is too small for a eyebolt? What would you recommend in widening the hole?
  7. Nice, thank you very much everyone. Brainsnat, if you could give a little more details on how you did that, parts, etc. I would be grateful.
  8. because I'm sick of ignoring an entire message board. That's all there is here, whining and pointless posts. We could use this board for info and teaching, but idiots decide to turn it into a place to whine or complain or pester people with idiotic questions. I'm sick of logging in just to see stupid post after stupid post. This message board could be so much better, so much could be learned, but all there is idiots. And, I'm not heating it up, I'm expressing my opinion, just as others are allowed to do. I'm just not afraid to call a post, or a person stupid if they are stupid. Maybe this message board would be a bit better if people grew some balls and stopped others from wasting our time.
  9. I've never seen an actual Ammo Can, and I can't quite tell by pictures, but do Ammo cans have a place for a standard combonation lock?
  10. I'm not the only one throwing around attitute and BS now am I, hypocrite. I have no problem with people asking questions, learning, growing. But this stupid whine, whine, whine is stupid. Everyday another whiner complaining because someone else is doing something they don't like. Or, they don't have the intelligence to answer their own simple stupid question. This isn't rocket science, it's a game, a game that everyone plays their own way, yet everyday someone finds YET another way to complain about what another person is doing. This is why these boards are so "unfriendly" you can only see so many stupid questions repeated before you freaking snap.
  11. because there is no official answer. Groundspeak doesn't bog everyone down in a million stupid rules that they can't enforce anyways and any normal person can figure out yes or no anyways. What's going to happen, you log your own caches and the geocaching devil finds you and dooms you to a million years of micros. Why is common sense so uncommon nowdays?
  12. How about mind your own business. If someone else is hiding puzzles and you don't have the wit to figure them out, just hit the big "Ignore" button and go on living your tiny little life. I know, you didn't think of that and your first thought was to whine to everyone online, but it's ok, I'm here to help.
  13. ok, I'll leave the camera in the cache, but if it doesn't work after the winter, you guys owe me $3.75
  14. The problem with JB Weld, and other epoxies is they are so much more expensive. To cover a cache would cost 10 bucks at least, and likely much much more. I want cheap, are any of the above cheap?
  15. I'm looking for a cheap, but long lasting adhesive. It needs to be all weather as well. I tried a clear silicone, but it's doesn't have the hold power that other glues I've tried have. I put out a cache and within a few months the silicone itself was starting to show and in some places, the plasic container. Any other options?
  16. Although your response is couched in terms of calling the IDEA "dumb," there is a rather condescending and, even more to the point, rude tone to your post. Fergus is one of the more creative cache hiders I have come across in my caching career and I think he deserves better. I'm calling something that is dumb, dumb. If it's a stupid idea, I'll call it stupid. If you take that as condescending, that's your problem, not mine. If you add to my words, that's not my problem. I called it stupid, if you read more into it, I'm not going to lose sleep over it. I was not condescending, I was not rude, I was just stating the truth. It doesn't matter how creative or wonderful this guy is, his idea is stupid, plain and simple.
  17. what next, you find the cache and when you open it you get shot with a needle and see a note that says "Surprise, you've got herpes!"
  18. Yea, averaging isn't a big deal. Even if you do get the most accurate coordinates you possibly could, the very next person that will come will still have an error box of 25 feet at best. However, if you want to do it, here is how I do it. When you have the spot for the cache, put the GPS over that spot. Wait five minutes then mark. Get up, walk around, or walk out to the trail, then come back and put the gps over the spot again, wait 5 minutes and mark. Get up and walk somewhere else, then come back and mark it again. I do this 3-4 times a day, for 3 days, depending on how accurate I'm trying to get it. Then when I get home, it's just simple math averaging to give me my final coordinates.
  19. I've got to say, this is one of the dumbest ideas. Just one step below "They open the cache, and out flies a hammer that hits them in the nuts". That adds nothing to the cache, it takes a whole lot away from it, and you will piss people off. A evil witch laughing is one thing, this is another. It's just dumb.
  20. it's all well and good, but what happens when someone doesn't want to get wet? I would imagine you're going to end up pissing off more then a few people.
  21. The price of vilgilence is false alarms. As long as society is on it's guard from evil, geocaching, among other hobbies, will be under fire. Urban and Rural won't matter. If it's in the city, it's a bomb, if it's in the woods, it's drugs.
  22. or possibly lonely for the rest of your life.... Oh please, the kids 16, it's not like it's this girl or be alone forever. He's got many more girls in his future before he settles down.
  23. Never choose the girl. If you love geocaching (or whatever) and she doesn't, she's not for you. Girls are plentiful, and if you hold out for the one that loves you and everything you do, you'll be much happier.
  24. I'm not using an ammo can, nor lock and lock. It's just a simple plastic container. But, it didn't leak at all during the summer, and the camera is in a ziplock, so moisture shouldn't be a problem. I think I got my answer, thanks everyone.
  25. I have a disposable camera in my cache, and I am wondering if anyone has prior experience with leaving them in during the winter. Not too harsh a winter, mostly it hovers around 32f but can get down to -20f or lower for a short spell or two. If I leave it out, will the camera stop working, and/or will the pictures already taken be ruined?
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