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DX3505 (CA) Los Angeles County Suveyor

LL1091 (US) U.S. Department of Interior Geological Survey - different disc

AE6473 (CO) Colorado Department of Transportation - different disc

AE4929 (GA) Henry County

MF0039 (US) U.S. Geological Survey - different disc

JV6148 (MD) W.S.S.C. - different disc

AE1996 (OH) Ohio Department of Transportation

MB3042 (OH) Summit County

MB1797 (OH) Cuyanoga County Engineer

MC1769 (OH) Lucas County

MC1710 (OH) Michigan - Ohio Boundary

JY1861 (OH) Clark County Engineer Survey

MB1249 (OH) City of Akron

MB1325 (OH) Summit County - different disc

AA5319 (OH) Muskingum County Engineer

HY1179 (OH) U.S.E.D. Cincinnati District

KY0675 (PA) City of Pittsburgh, Department of City Planning

KX1488 (PA) City of Pittsburgh, Department of Public Works


I think there are more counties in Florida and Ohio that aren't on the list.

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A few more for the collection.....


AA5116 (FL) D.C. Johnson and Associates

RD0446 (OR) City of Portland

ED1064 (SC) South Carolina Geodetic Survey (type III)

^ I figure if we name these with a type number then we can refer to them; i.e. "Here's a better picture of South Carolina Geodetic Survey, type III."

AI5984 (WI) Wis. Co. GPS Network Fond Du Lac County

^ that should satisfy the not-yet-photographed listing for AI5979

QM0804 (US) U.S.D.A. F.S. (Forest Service)

PN1341 (WI) Wisconsin Department of Transportation

QL0361 (WI) Public Service Commission of Wisconsin Water Power

QL0362 (WI) Wis. Dept. of Transportation (Type I)

AI2508 (WI) Wis. Dept. of Transportation (Type II)

PN0669 (US) NOAA NOS Lake Survey

AG9605 (WI) County GPS Network

EW1944 (CA) County Engineer (Los Angeles County)


BuckBrooke's Agency List

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ArtMan -


My suggestion means the second of your scenarios (currently).


I'm not sure what "formal" might mean, but some type of naming should be used, I think, just like in cataloging coins, stamps, beer cans, or whatever. Systems of naming and numbering are commonly used for organizing the types of a thing observed.


As this list matures, it should probably be re-worked from time to time. Currently, it has approximately 3 fields - example PID, State, agency name as written on the disk. It should be re-worked at some point, perhaps using 5 fields; example PID, State, the agency name, how the agency name is actually written on the disk, and type (by chronological order of manufacture/monumentation date).


Currently, the types, whether or not they say "Type X" as I suggested, are not in chronological order of manufacture/monumentation date because we don't know all the dates that are included in the NGS/geocaching database. They are currently in either alphabetical order or by the chronology of our adding them to the list, or some other semi-random order.


In reality, there can be no real formality here in the sense of seriousness because the entire concept of a putting together an 'agency list' of these disks is in the category of Fun. :P

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Well, I was right about Ohio. I searched around each county seat.


QE2568 (OR) Oregon State Highway Department (different disc)

RD4421 (US) NGS Oregon Primary G.P.S. Station

RJ1346 (US) US Engineer Office Sault St. Marie Michigan

NE0884 (US) US Engineer Office Detroit Michigan

NF1530 (MI) Michigan Department of S Highways & Transportation

AA5521 (MI) City of Ann Arbor - unique

AA5146 (MI) Washtenaw County

OJ1032 (MI) City of Flint

NE0121 (MI) Geodetic Survey of Canada - nifty

KZ2207 (OH) Franklin County Auditor

AA6383 (OH) Butler County Engineer

AI6802 (OH) Clinton County Engineer Survey

MB3101 (OH) Geauga County

AA7293 (OH) Hancock County Engineer

AA6204 (OH) Knox County Engineer

AH7610 (OH) Licking County Commissioners

MC1050 (US) NOS Atlantic Marine Center

MC1588 (OH) Ohio Department of Natural Resources

MB2538 (OH) Portage County

AE3379 (OH) Union County

AE9848 (CA) California Department of Transportation - Type III

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I am new to this so if this information is available somewhere, point me in the right direction. I have a marker on my property that is marked US Deptartment of Interion Geological Survey. The center of the disk has 193 HLZ inscribed, and is dated 1969. Can someone tell me what this is, or where I can find more info on it?

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AI6802 (OH) Clinton County Engineer Survey

Where's the log entry and photo? I thought this was supposed to be a list of disks that had actually been found, so that we could see the logo on the disk and verify that it was something different from all the others?

I thought that too.

I thought it was discs we(I)found and documented.

Not just a list of the different agencies.

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The issue here was that I have two files, one that builds up my changes for the forum, and the actual web page. I put the potential not photo documented PID in the forum file, and then ran across a real photo later, and put the new, correct PID onto the website. Here is the correct PID:


AI6754 (OH) Clinton County


It's not a great photo, but good enough to see the 2000 15 stamping, from the datasheet. Thanks for catching the slip-up.


Cbeelow, this is a topic that occurs often when someone runs across a disk. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions that Black Dog Trackers et al. put together. Do a search around your property in the Goecaching benchmark database. Try clicking on "other search options", and doing a search on "193 HLZ", for the designation. It's clearly a US Dep. of Interior Geological Survey, but you already knew that. If it's not in the database, then...it's not there. There's a lot of disks out there, and only a few are in the database. If those answers don't help you, please come back and we'll help some more.

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KS2013 (CA) California Dept. of Transportation (Type II)

^ this is a better disk/picture than AC9226

RD0621 (WA) City of Vancouver

AA7615 (FL) Florida Dept. of Natural Resources (Type II)

EW7261 (CA) County Surveyor

EW7008 (US) U.S. Geological Survey Gravity Station

AH3328 (CA) Los Angeles County Flood Control District (Type II)

(There's a slight problem in the current list - EW4654 and LV0295 in the list point to AA1873, which is the actual Santa Clara County disk.)

AH3309 (CA) City of Burbank

(HT3541 is a misfind.)

EW9585 (CA) City of LA Dept. of Public Works

AB3136 (CA) Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (Type III)

EW7399 (CA) City of LA Dept. of Public Works (Type II)

^ this is just the reference mark, not really a find so I"m not sure it should be included

EW7402 (CA) Ventura County L.A. County County Bdy.

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I believe that might be more properly ID'd as a U.S. Navy disk, though.


At any rate, I am not familiar with the symbol used in the center. Any idea what the arrow is pointing at?

Well, NAVY DEPARTMENT and BUREAU OF ORDNANCE are both stamped on the disk, but I take your point. Possibly NAVY BUREAU OF ORDNANCE might be a good solution.


I honestly didn't even notice the arrow piercing the triangle until you mentioned it. I believe the arrow is pointing more or less to the east, but I didn't notice it in the field (a blazing hot day with sweat pouring into my eyes), and other than the rotting pier, I don't recall seeing anything notable offshore. (It's probably only 100 yards to the waterline, and I don't think it's pointing to anything on land.


This whole area is downrange from the Dahlgren Naval Surface Warfare Center, and I'm guessing it has something to do with that, but as to the arrow-through-triangle symbol, I'm clueless.



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Note that EW7261 from BDT's last batch is Los Angeles County Surveyor

For EW7399, it looks like they just adjusted the inner ring printing slightly for a reference disc vs. a station disc. Probably shouldn't be included.


Pursuant to BDT's comment on the misidentification, and some other stations I've run across like this, I'm starting a new category on the list for pictures of agencies that aren't in the NGS database, but one of their discs was photographed and posted on another station's PID page on Geocaching.


Here are two more:

AR1765 (FL) Alachua County

AK6381 (US) U.S. Engineer - Channel Reference

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Note that EW7261 from BDT's last batch is Los Angeles County Surveyor
Yes, I submitted it as just "County Surveyor" because that's all that was on the disk.


This is an example of where the current format leads to some problems - there is often a difference between what is printed on a disk type and what the agency name really is. Then, there's agencies that have changed their name! I think that what's actually printed on the disk is the most important to us.


For listing by agency, you want to feature (sort by) the real agency name. For comparing a given disk to the database to see if it's a match of any of them, you want to feature (sort by) exactly what's written on the disk. In this case, "County Surveyor" is not the same as "Los Angeles County Surveyor", although probably both kinds exist in the NGS database, and in this case, the disk is "County Surveyor" even though we can figure out which county it is.


As I was suggesting before,

using 5 fields; example PID, State, the agency name, how the agency name is actually written on the disk, and type (by chronological order of manufacture/monumentation date).

might be the way to go. In this case (imagining more than one type):

EW7261(CA) County Surveyor [Los Angeles County Surveyor] {Type II}

where the agency name is in [these]. One could say that the agency is just [Los Angeles County].


Since our main interest (I think) is what the different disks actually say, the sort should be (I suggest) on what the disk says primarily, and actual agency name secondarily. Both should still be secondary to the (State), I think.


But then...... I'm not doing the web page. :rolleyes:

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Here's a few more:

AJ5640 (US) Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research

DU2298 (US) US Department of Agriculture Soil Conservation Service

DU2099 (AZ) Maricopa County Department of Transportation

DI1937 (AZ) Salt River Project

AI3354 (AZ) Salt River Project Type II

FS0064 (US) US Department of Agriculture Bureau of Public Roads

AI1947 (AZ) Port ... Catalina ...


As a test, I manually went through Arizona by the MARK LOGO field in the PIDs. That gave a lot of agencies, a number of which haven't been photoed yet. Those are in the secondary catalog. As another project idea, I can probably go write a Matlab script to give me all of the different MARK LOGOs in each state file I've created. Then, I can search back through for each one, avoiding having to look at each benchmark.

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Trying a slightly different format:

PID (St) Literal Marking [Type]

I tried {Agency Name} too, but it was a copy of the Literal Marking 90% of the time.


Anyway, here's some more types ......


PB0678 (OR) State Highway Department [Type III]

HE0338 (US) National Geodetic Survey [Type II]

KR0267 (NV) Nevada Highway Dept. [Type II]

PF0294 (ME) State of Maine State of New Hampshire [Type II]

PG2702 (VT) Vermont Geodetic Survey

AB9909 (MN) Minnesota Dept. of Transportation


BuckBrooke's Agency List


Which states seem to have no types? MS, ND, OK, UT.

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BDT.....I just recovered PH0294 last week. It may not be on the NGS list yet but my log and pix are on GC.


I considered this another of the Maine-New Hampshire Border Commision marks.


Do you mean to say this is different from my earlier ATF finds?

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HT0964 (CA) City of Albany

JZ0321 (OH) City of Cincinnati

AG0482 (FL) City of Clearwater

OL0208 (WI) City of Sheboygan

EW5841 (CA) City of San Buenna Ventura

FW0635 (VA) City of Virginia Beach


There's starting to be a large list of agencies in the database that have discs but don't have pictures. There's ~322 w/ pictures, and 37 w/out pictures and maybe another 9.

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Here's a few more:

PY0814 (US) Federal Highway Administration

EW7834 (CA) California State Lands Commission

AA5414 (MI) Wade-Trim Incorporated

PG2707 (VT) State of Vermont [Type II]

OC1366 (NH) State of New Hampshire DPW&H - Triangulation - slightly better photo

AC5558 (US) US Department of Agriculture Cadastral Survey

QE2155 (OR) Lane County Public Works Department

QF0235 (US) US Fish and Wildlife Service


Wrong PID, new agency:

AE8131 (CO) Larimer county

Edited by BuckBrooke
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I saw a listing for the US Mexico Boundary Commission, but I didn't see the US- Canada version:


http://www.geocaching.com/mark/details.aspx?PID=QF0036 - International Boundary Commission. Unfortunately, while I found one, it is in poor condition - only the stem remains on the side of the building, which has characters embossed. Maybe someone else has one in good condition?


Another one is the Boston Planning Board. There are many, but the vast majority seem to be on top of buildings (therefore, unreachable). I found one as a reference disk to another disk. Do reference disks count for this listing?

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The US-Canada Boundary Commission is on the list, right above the US Mexico BC, as:

OF0961 (US) United States Canada International Boundary Commission


However, there may be a Type II that we haven't seen.


As for agencies that are not in the Geocaching database, or are in there but unaccessible, you could post a photo of a disc that's near another PID, and we'll reference it in the auxiliary lists at the bottom. Might be at the top...have to think about this.

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Here's a few more, without links. Sorry. The double stars are discs that are placed by an agency but don't actually have the agency's name on them. I'm not sure they should be included. Single stars are discs where the agency name wasn't premoulded onto the disc, but was hand stamped before putting it into the ground.


DH2386 (AL) ALGS - Alabama Geodetic Survey

CM2535 (AL) ALGS [Type II]

AE3005 (AR) **City of Little Rock

GG0063 (AR) **City of Rogers

DT0353 (AZ) AZCMCO (contracting for Greenlee County)

AI1918 (AZ) City of Tempe

AI1947 (US) *US Army Fort Huacachuca

HT0687 (CA) San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit Department

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AB3296 (CO) Adams County (cool disc)

AI3577 (CO) City of Broomfield (cool disc)

KK0710 (CO) Denver Municipal Water Works

AA7130 (CO) Jefferson County Mapping Department

AH2842 (CO) ON County Survey Marker (LOCSUR)

AE2489 (US) US Air Force (cool disc)

LX1895 (CT) Connecticut Geodetic Survey

HV9945 (DC) Washington Suburban Sanitation Commission

JU1749 (US) NGS Horizontal Control and Boundary Mark

AD8644 (FL) Deni Associated Incorporated

AB2550 (FL) Bay County

AL7565 (FL) Hillsborough County

AL7519 (FL) Hillsbourough County Engineer Division (HCED)

AL7909 (FL) Hillsborough County Survey Department (HCSD) - Heidt & Assoc.

AL7910 (FL) HCSD - Heidt & Assoc. Azimuth

AH5700 (FL) Indian River County

AG7709 (FL) Sarasota County

OE1702 (NY) NY State Survey - Adirondack Survey

AK5129 (FL) FSDNR - Lake Survey

AB5501 (FL) **Osceola County

AD8368 (FL) **Palm Beach County

AD8566 (FL) Palm Beach County Geodetic Survey - corner marker

AD6265 (FL) Palm Beach County

AL0130 (FL) Pinellas County Engineering Dept. [Type II] (the reverse)

AE5540 (FL) Escambia county Dept. of Public Works

AK6521 (FL) City of Lakeland

AH7805 (FL) GCY Incorporated

AA8130 (FL) *Marion County Engineering Department

AI0217 (FL) *Seminole County Surveyor

AI0220 (FL) St. John's Water Management District

BE4037 (FL) City of Tallahassee - Leon County

AB6974 (GA) City of Albany-Dougherty

EE2358 (GA) Cobb County DOT Engineering Div.

AB4252 (GA) Dekalb County

AB7686 (GA) Forsyth County

EE2336 (GA) Fulton County

DG3757 (GA) Gwinnett County

CK6184 (GA) Chatham County, City of Savannah

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I went up to the city (i.e., San Francisco) tonight for a party at the Presidio, which is no longer an Army base, but now part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA). I decided to stop on the way and look for HT2259, which has been found by geocachers a few times, but not officially recovered for nearly 30 years.


The reason I'm posting about it in this thread is because I can't find any other references to this type of survey mark. The outside ring of text says, "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA • NATIONAL CEMETERY." Inside that, it says, "DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY • OFFICE QM GEN." And the middle ring says, "$100 FINE FOR DISTURBING." Then there's the stamping "33" and "1961."


I was just about to post a query about the middle ring of text, because it looked like "OM GEN" to me. But then I got an inspiration, and sure enough, it's "QM"--i.e., quartermaster. I just found a GGNRA web page that verifies that the Presidio cemetery used to be under the control of the Quartermaster General of the U.S. Army. (I guess the QM General's office manages all the national cemeteries?)


That page mentions that the Army had plans in 1961 to expand the cemetery, but they fell through. Since this mark is about 1/10 mile from the corner of the cemetery area, I'm guessing that it may have been placed to indicate one of the proposed future corners of the expanded site. I wonder whether there are more of these from 1961. No others are listed in the NGS database.


You can see my photo of this mark on my website. It was dark when I found it, so I'm afraid the flash on my camera provided rather flat lighting. However, I may be back in the city next month, so will try to get some daylight shots.


Anyway, although the NGS datasheet simply lists the monumenting agency as "USA", this one is different from all the Army Corps. of Engineers benchmarks. So I guess we'd call this "USA-QM GEN".



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Here's a few more:


OY1069 (ID) Idaho State Highway Right of Way

NU0716 (US) Bureau of Indian Affairs

AH7373 (IA) Equinox, Inc.

OX0228 (US) Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Public Roads

OY0255 (US) US Indian Irrigation Service

AI7230 (IL) Illinois Division of Highways

HB1861 (US) Dep. of Agriculture, Forest Service Cadastral Survey

KA1557 (IN) Brock and Weymouth Engineers

AE8499 (IN) Indianapolis Airport Authority

KA2078 (IN) Marion County Survey Mark

AE8503 (IN) Hamilton County

HZ1944 (KY) Park Aerial Surveys

JZ0698 (KY) City of Cincinnati

AI9011 (KY) Woolpert LLC

AH6228 (LA) Terrebonne Parish County Government

AH6377 (LA) Terrebonne Parish LIS

MY6258 (MA) Massachusetts Dept. of Public Works [Type II]

LW5341 (MA) Massachusetts Dept. of Public Works [Type III]

MY6385 (MA) Massachusetts Geodetic Survey [Type II]

MZ3017 (MA) Massachusetts Dept. of Public Works [Type IV]

AE5603 (MD) Baltimore County GIS

JV6720 (MD) Harford County Az Mk

JV7033 (MD) Howard County [Type II]

AB5646 (MD) Town of Easton

HU2735 (US) National Geodetic Survey Calibration Baseline

JV0910 (MD) Bureau of Control Surveys [Type II]

JV6581 (MD) Maryland State Highway Administration [Type II]

JW1202 (MD) Maryland State Highway Administration [Type III]

JV6973 (MD) Fairfax County [Type II]


Bad photo:

BT2405 (AL) City of Dothan

AE5247 (CO) City of Aurora

HU2120 (DE) Delaware Geodetic Survey

LB2736 (IN) Indiana Department of Natural Resources


Wrong PID, new agency:

AG9190 (FL) Sarasota County - Section corner

AA2838 (GA) Surveying Solution, Inc.

MY6397 (MA) Massachusetts Dept. of Public Works [Type V]


I'm also developing a rather long list of agencies that haven't been photoed yet. Once I get everything together I might ask ya'll in the appropriate areas to benchmark one or two.

Edited by BuckBrooke
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Here's another batch:

PL0477 (US) War Department Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army [Type III]

AA5512 (MI) City of Ann Arbor [Type II]

AA5407 (MI) Oakland County

AA6783 (MI) Wayne County Remonumentation C

AA6791 (MI) Wayne County Remonumentation Primary Control

PL0635 (MI) Michigan Dept. of Transportation Surveys

PL0455 (US) NGS Azimuth Mark

NE0451 (MI) City of Birmingham

AA5402 (MI) City of Troy

RN0765 (US) USC&GS Azimuth Mark

SJ0910 (MN) MNHD Reference Mark

KE0344 (MO) **City of St. Joseph

HC1140 (MO) Missouri State Land Survey Authority

AI2801 (MS) Miss. State Highway Dept. Bureau of Public Rds. Az Mark

DK1280 (MS) Miss. State Highway Dept. Bureau of Public Rds. Tri. station

DJ1553 (MS) Miss. State Highway Dept. Bureau of Public Rds. [Type II]

TJ0865 (MT) Montana Department of Highways

RX0996 (MT) Northern Pacific Railroad

SS1368 (MT) University of Wisonsin - Intern. Grav. station

AA5699 (NC) Concord Engineering & Surveying - United States Government

FN3129 (NC) NC Geodetic Survey [Type V]

FA4518 (NC) City of Charlotte - Triangulation

FA4423 (NC) City of Charlotte - Azimuth

FA4807 (NC) NC Geodetic Survey [Type VI]

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