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A Pat On The Back


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Multiple times a week, if not multiple times a day, these forums are the source of angst for geocaching.com members, but moreso for our approvers, reviewers, and moderators.


Every once and a while, it is nice to see a thread complimenting the approvers and other assorted volunteers, and yet, there hasn't been one lately, specifically regarding the Jeeps.


I don't know how many people know just how much work went into the Jeep contest this year, but I myself just learned.


The Jeeps came with "some assembly required." People had to take them out of the boxes, unscrew them from a plastic base, and put the tags and keychains on them before they could be distributed.


In my own area Keystone and his family, donated several hours of his time to assemble them.


I just wanted to thank Keystone, and everyone else who is helping get the bugs assembled and out in the wild. Whether you're a Groundspeak Approver or just a volunteer for your local area, you deserve a pat on the back.



Thanks Guys! :D

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I've got to give a shout out to our local club, L.E.G.S. (Little Egypt Geocaching Society). They went to work assembling the jeeps for Illinois last Thursday night and had them done in no time. Plenty of time was left over for lots of fun and pictures, as you can see on the event page.


It was a great group and we had a great evening together!



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Don't forget, there were more people than just the approvers putting together bugs (I think)


And I think everyone who keeps a JeepTB moving without hanging on to it deserves some thanks.


So, let's give EVERYONE a big, proverbial pat on the back...

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<Cheesy Announcer Voice>


Bud Light presents: Real American Heroes

<even cheesier background singing>(real american heroes)

Today we salute you, Mr. Geocaching White Travel Bug Assembler

(Mr. Geocaching White Travel Bug Assembler)

Your precision assembly skills and small nimble fingers keep America's caches stocked with the coveted White Jeep Travel Bugs.

(White Jeeps!)

Millions wait as you patiently remove each and every little Jeep from its packaging, then skillfully switch to the more advanced task of attaching the tag things

(tiny little tag things!)

Yeah it has a name, but we wouldn't understand. Why? Because we're not Mr. Geocaching White Travel Bug Assembler.

So crack open an ice cold bud light oh Master of Jeeps, because for every kid who wants to be a Geocacher, there's another who wants to be a guy playing with toy Jeeps

(Toy Jeep maker guy!)</singing></announcer voice>


Idea stolen, then modified, from HERE!

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