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Mistakes I've made

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I've used an ALTITUDE WATCH to punch in the altitude, this increased the accuracy right away. Or, acquiring the altitude off a topo map helps.




UTM coordinate system helps get the accuracy to the meter. I've written on my hand the last few numbers of the Easting and Northing and used it to get right to the exact coordinate -"ground zero".




Helps read the direction of the bearing to point right at the coordinate.

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Don't cache in your "Sunday best". Even when I've gone out intended not to root around in the bushes or walk through a swamp, once near the cache, only one goal remains, and good clothing suffers.


Check that your datum is set to WGS 84. Especially when you're caching with your spouse. Its tough to admit you've been directing her to rummage around in the the wrong places. Personally, I put the blame on solar flares.


Don't put absolute faith in your GPS. As its readings drift, let the Force be with you.

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After breaking small branches (POISON OAK) around caches, don't touch privates while peeing.


Gaiters really do keep stickers and rocks out of shoes/boots.


Bring a flashight and a small spare.


Bring a warm hat and shell for rapid weather changes.


Using a local map and the distance to the cache, to locate the correct trail, is a lot smarter than just following that little arrow on the GPSr, over hill and dale.

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Another tip I'll have to had from the school of hard knocks...don't forget to leave the prizes! It happened to me twice. The first time, I rushed out to try to get a FTF on my lunch break and snag a TB. I was the third one there, and the TB I was looking for had been swapped out for another one. Oh, well. I logged my find, wrote what I took and what I left, took the prizes, rehid the cache, and headed back to work. About the time I pulled into the parking garage, I reached into my pocket, and there were the items I had said that I had left! Went back that weekend to put them into the cahce, using the cover story of teaching my daughter to GPS. Of course, she was kind enough to write in the log book that she was here because her daddy had forgot to leave stuff in it last time he was here!


Next time I went out with my daughter, we were about halfway back to the car when I realized we had forgotten to leave stuff again. We made a quick run back. Of course, this was also the first time we had actually encountered other geocachers, who were still sitting there when I came back!

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Make sure you have plenty of fuel for your caching vehicle and a small first aid kit for the minor cuts and bruises you get! Oklahoma is famous for their thorns and briars and i have been cut up before planting and finding caches! Also a change of socks is nice when you get your feet wet in the streams and such!


Darkmoon icon_biggrin.gif


No, I am not lost...I am where I am suppose to be...At least I think so? [icon_biggrin.gif]

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Turn on tracking. This can help you on your way back to relocate that one place along the creek where you can cross without getting soaked. Sure, you can set a waypoint - if you remember.


Extra shoes or sandals in the car. My hiking boots can pick up quite a bit of mud after a rain. It's good to have something else to put on your feet for the drive home.



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