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  1. Ahh.. of course-so logical. This really makes sense and is good-the forums are great for during the winter for some folks.
  2. undecorated adj : not decorated with something to increase its beauty or distinction [syn: unadorned] [ant: adorned] Not decorated-yet.. The forum appears to be half the game.
  3. That's an awesome idea! I love the game Mastermind. You could have the "Mastermind Cache".
  4. I was assuming that forum people are doing messages instead of caching. Is this okay?
  5. I say use a gentle hand. You are smart anyway-doing lots of caches without a GPS. I think that you'll probably know how to deal with it very well. Probably, just a note on your cache page-a disclaimer saying you are lenient, although certain rules do apply might work.
  6. This stuff wouldnt happen if there were not so heinous a restriction on virtuals. But as far as approval goes its a closed issue falling on deaf ears. I don't want this thread to become a "we should change the guidelines on virtuals" debate, so I'll leave this comment alone. Yes, If I only had 22 finds I wouldn't expect someone to come to me for answers. It doesn't mean I can't answer them, but someone with 200, 500, or 1000 finds might have more or better information. I realize your comment is said in jest, but some people run out of caches in their area. Are they supposed to stop posting in the forums unless they can afford to travel long distances to keep finding caches? I like the way you answer each part of the quote.
  7. How about a real comment about the good of VIRTUALS.
  8. If you start a thread, you can close it yourself. PLEASE TELL ME HOW!
  9. You have to understand that the only real guideline for the approval of virtual caches is that it must please the approver. Unfortunately, displaying a displeasing attitude will definitely work against you. If you want a virtual to succeed, you have to suck up, not blow down. That's just the way it is. You're 100% right, sir. I strongly disapprove of having to please the approvers. Yes, there needs to be better communication between the reviewers and the cachers. This particular reviewer had abandoned the project for nearly a week. This cache was intended to be a donation to the cache community rather than a heated debate. Although I feel that there are lots of intelligent cachers out there, I have had a really bad experience with this forum. This forum has really become a hostile place. Moderator, may I suggest closing this topic since I have not received any bit of sympathetic advice I may use! Only ANGER!!
  10. Then compete with me. Do you have an education? Do you know how to read? Do you have a life? I don't care if you have a lot of posts. You have little to say. Maybe Ray Critton did.
  11. Get a load of this guy, he sent me this (talk about mad): Dear Sir, I am capable of forming my own opinions about third party people with out your unsolicited hate mail. Please keep your opinions of others to yourself, for I really don't wish to hear it. If you have something that particularly pertains to me and the sport of geocaching I would like to hear it, otherwise please do not abuse the right of email that the geocaching website affords you. Sincerely, Wildlifeguy
  12. WHAT!! &^%$# You think I'm not ^$%^7878^$#& Calm!??!! What about you, you ^^^$$&, do you &*$&, or are you just a ^*(#()&**.!!! I want this #&&(&^%^ cache accepted, and I want it accepted #^(*&@^@^%% now!!! Ahh.. but seriously, this cache is at the top of a mountain that stands about 700 feet higher than a MUCH bigger mountain that makes up the ski area. The top of this "bump" is wind blown commonly by gusts 50MPH plus! It is not an area for an ordinary cache. Due to the high winds, there isn't much snow on this particular area, if any. Let me assure you, I am not playing with anyone's mind here. I have a degree from UCLA, and my parents have University degrees. I am an educated adult and am capable of discussing such issues. I have also clearly and calmly discussed this cache via emails with the GEOCaching.com staff. When I use #^*#@^@! talk, it was in jest. I hope you understand that this is game using billion dollar GPS technology and it is all in fun, no offense- but now you $^@# know. One dude didn't take it the right way and wrote me this note about these forum messages: Dear Sir, I am capable of forming my own opinions about third party people with out your unsolicited hate mail. Please keep your opinions of others to yourself, for I really don't wish to hear it. If you have something that particularly pertains to me and the sport of geocaching I would like to hear it, otherwise please do not abuse the right of email that the geocaching website affords you. Sincerely, Wildlifeguy
  13. Some people enjoy virtuals. Other will do them if they happen to be near one. You're failing to read the guidelines all the way, especially the part of the "wow" factor. What is so unique about this fallen ski patroller's plaque that would make me say "wow!" when I found it? It's at the top of a mountain. The views are fantastic. It's in a less-trod portion of the ski area. It's surrounded by double diamond ski runs named "Avalanche" and "Grizzly". There is a way down that is Expert-Intermediate. It looks like an area that would be dangerous. If you are interested in Mammoth Ski Area (why are you there in the first place?) then it would probably interest you (it ties in with McCoy history). Basically, it's convenient that there is a plaque at the top of this mountain. It's neat-it's cool. It's not a bummer. I want it because it's unique-not because it sucks.
  14. I'll tell you.. If you don't want to caches, then you come up with reasons not to do caches. If you want to do caches, then you find solutions. Here's the scenario. It's at the top of a mountain. Subfreezing temperatures. Company land. Convenient plaque at the top. What is the matter with doing a virtual anyway? Don't you mother&%$#@s enjoy doing virtuals? Just go to %$#@& and the $@%$& with you all!!!!!
  15. Mammoth Mountain receives 375 inches of snow average each year. Do you know that this is 31.25 feet of snow? This is big snow, with big drifts. I'm talking you'd need a cache that's 20-30 feet off the ground if you want a year-round cache. http://jrabold.net/mammoth/mamski.htm]Mammoth Ski Area Average Annual Snowfall[/url]
  16. There's no trouble when you do your job man
  17. Listen guys. I don't know if you read much, but I said it's within the Mammoth Mountain SKI area. Do you know what that means? It means, you can't leave a cache on their property-it's a company. You can't leave a cache on company land even if it is leased. Also, when you are wearing a big snowsuit while playing in the snow, and it's zero degrees on the top of a mountain and it's blowing like mad, you don't want to fool around with a little micro (if I didn't already explain it's on a company's land and it's not the place for a physical cache). Finally, in a ski area, it snows, and it snows around a ski area and buries caches. A physical cache get buried by (duh) snow. You need a virtual in this area. You don't put a multi-into another snowed-in area. The only way to do this-is to have a virtual. Bottom line-is.. are you people lazy? It's a cache, go out and do it and quit your complaining.
  18. I love GEOCaching. It's a blast. I've found over 150 and left a bunch. I got a stubborn reviewer (Hemlock) who after accepting a bunch of my caches, all of sudden, decided that he doesn't like the new virtual I've left. The trouble is, this reviewer doesn't have one find and has no active caches left by him. So what right does he have to decide whether a cache is good or not? Also, this cache, I know, is darned good. As a relatively experienced cacher, I KNOW this is a good, if not great cache. I really feel that this game, a GPS game, is built upon the generosity of the cachers in setting up caches for others to do. Being snobby is not the way of the game. I would absolutely love to show you the cache page, although it may not be available since it's archived.. Although here is a copy of the basic material for the cache.. I'll let you be the judge. I feel I'm right in looking to get this cache active: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=111174 Lincoln Remembrance N 37° 38.231 W 119° 01.048 (WGS84) UTM: 11S E 321993 N 4167475 Danger on all sides.. This cache is located within the Mammoth Mountain Ski area. During the snow season, you'll need to be skiing or snowboarding. During the rest of the year (if the area is even open) you'll need to do some steep climbing. On the very top of Lincoln Mountain, is a plaque. The plaque is dedicated to "Ray Critton". On the plaque, what are the 3 things said about Ray? For cache credit, send me an email with the 3 things about Ray. Coordinates Rock-Solid WAAS Tough. Be careful since it is at the summit of a mountain.
  19. Trash to one, is not necessary trash to another. Someone may need work gloves and appreciate them in a cache. Another may say that's a nice penny in a micro. Someone else may say that's a nice toy plastic figurine of Mickey Mouse. It's in the eye of the beholder. Before you go and dump the contents of a cache in the trash-be sure you realize that you're not the only cacher out there APPRECIATING that people are giving ANYTHING away at all.. Spoiled people belong in the trash.
  20. Before I could provide a reply to an older topic, the topic was closed to further replies. I think that old topics still pertain to current events. Doesn't anyone use the "Search"? PUSHY PEOPLE SUCK!
  21. Actually, I once had a 315 Magellan that stopped working. I sent it to Magellan for repair and they sent a new 315 with improved 320 software along with a free computer link cable and charged me nothing.
  22. I did a search. Have you tried it?
  23. Yeah, it sucks to have to wait for a cache to get approved. I got one reviewer (Hemlock) who does our local caches that always archives whether it is easy to understand or not. It takes days for him to "get around to" approving it. It really blows having to wait. Let's get on with it Hemmy!!
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