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  1. More power to them if they grab all the TB's in a cache but I see what you are saying about beig a Trackable hog.. I don't really have an issue with it. What I have an issue with is how many people just don't know how to track a trackable and leave it sitting in a caches inventory, yet never drop it anywhere. It's not a hard concept. It frustrates me to no end that trackables go missing due to players. I've had them go missing because of muggled caches and a cache that was in a forest fire, no control there.
  2. Bad cache ideas to me are any caches that are placed in areas that would cause a security alert. I personally will not cache any near airports, public/government buildings, schools and bridges. Way to may stories of bomb squads being called in, cops questioning etc. When you are in the woods, state parks, city parks walking a dog you aren't often questioned why you reached into a log. The other is when caches are placed right near a house etc. I hear these stories and say what was that cacher thinking whe they placed that cache. Did they really think in a time where everyone is freaked out by the littlest things that a pvc pipe shaped cache on a bridge was going to not freak some non cacher out? An ammo can in downtown Disney wasn't going to attrack concern? That micro near the dumpster of the police dept was going by not noticed.
  3. I stack them at the beginning of track/front of park so someone can deal to them, I carry the rest out (not too much left after the alcohol ) in rubbish bags I pick up from caches. People sometimes give them out as SWAG/FTF prizes in New Zealand, probably the same around the world-...? If you can find a 35mm film canisters they make the perfect CITO can, you can fit plastic gorcery bags in them. As far as the bottles go, I can't see it being an issue if you have them in bags full of trash. IF you haven't been driking and were to be questioned, simply explain you were out cleaning up liter. I use to scrap aluminum and the back of the truck always had a few empties, but I could pass the breathalizer so wasn't worried.
  4. NewEnglandah - once known as Natureboy1376.. Got back into caching and changed up the name from Natureboy1376 ( One who spends most free time in the woods ) I've also been called a woods dwelling hobbit by a few... The new name NewEnglandah, well I was born in NE will most likely die in NE, Love NE, hate that it is losing it's Old time character rapidly by strip malls.I know NE inside out in general and often people ask me, how do you know all these places. If you ever met me and I was far away from New England I would stick out instantly by my non-rhotic accent.
  5. Ok so it has been a few years since I've been out caching and many many things have changed. This has changed now that I have a dog and a 3year old. Now today I'm at a red light and I see a car with a trackable window decal, I want to log it but for the life of me I can not find how to log it as a find. Assuming that is the purpose of these stickers!?!?! Where does one search for the sticker code / Trackables page and log it?.. Maybe I'm missing the whoe concept of these stickers?
  6. My pops has a legend and wants mapping software for it.. He will use it while hiking and 4 wheeling? What would be the best s/ware for him and where would one buy it? I have been trying to find map source but noone seems to have it............ Is the nat geo topo/streets any good?
  7. Well where in providence will you be? There is the doggypark cache right in prov. probley not the best if you are with mom but if you could sneek away for an hour it would be good.. Don't forget to stop by Thayer st and get some food...... Another cache that comes to mind is the Stateline motel cache, its right off the highway Rt 95 about 10 mins north of Providence in Attleboro. Approx 6 miles north. IT IS A 5MIN FIND QUICK IN AND OUT.. it also gets a good flow of traffic...... If you have questions about the area email me natureboy1376@yahoo.com
  8. Now don't quote me on this , but i was once told about how N/G ran and article about the papermills on the N.E . and how all the ink/dyes etc make the paper non recyclable and how these companies were big pollutiants to the enviro, yet there mag was printed by these compaines, with these dye techniques
  9. What is the problem,of logging a TB? I don't get it... I don't understand how Tb's can't be logged properly,it not rocket science.. I can understand if you forget one once and log it later but it seems as if evey singlr TB i have release is always logged wrong. Most of the time people pick up the bugs log they have it then put it in caches without dropping it off there inventory.. The other thing is they pick up a bug and hold it for months even a year and don't drop it off?? Another thing is people don't read the actual goals of the T/b's. It's not that hard 1.Grab it from the cache 2.Log it into your inventory 3. Read the goal and try to help out, pics, etc 4. Place into a new cache 5. Log it out of your inventory into the new cache. Sorry about this rant and i know it is only a travel bug, but if your going to put the effort into picking up a tb then do it correct.. It just seems like a simple thing is always turned into a process.
  10. Personally I never thought of it, its a public park right, I'm part of the public so... I guess if I were there 4 days a weeks just hanging around there would be concern. If I were ever questioned I be honest and explain what I was doing... I also I don't thinking of profiling people like that!
  11. bump---that time again!!!GRRRH NASTY LITLE #%^&ers
  13. That would be great, but how would we get you into an ammo box ?? lol? If your going to go that far you might as well bar code/copy right yourself so you can't be cloned!! I have a similar TB,called "natureboy's shadow" you can only log it if I run into you while out geocaching and I hand you a sheet with the info on how to log it..
  14. BEING MARRIED, HMMMMM I think thats for people who don't hike, cache and fish! Like Me! GOOD LUCK FIGHTING W.A.G. they sound worse then the extrmist groups like peta and such!!!! --This whole thread remindes me of Jay and Sil. Bob strike back!
  15. I FEAL YOUR PAIN!!!!! 2 weeks ago I started hiking again, being spring and pushed it a WEEEEEE bit to far , considering I couldn't stand straight for 3 days after or really walk. But Skelaxin and Naproxen and a heating pad helped that... The best thing I find for the aches is a good strech program before, after and on the off days of caching.. ------Sucks I was planning on starting a 70 miler with caches along the way but the back has to heal now!!!! I guess we'll stick to caches along my fishing areas instead....
  16. Hey fellow cachers, I am trying to log a cache called " Wheres in a name" . What needs to be done is I create a cord. with a formula and my caching name to come up with the first cord, it works out to be "62.44.732" and I need the assistance of another cacher to find that cord and any other cord to log the find-- "we both log the find".. It looks like this cord I need found can be found in Russia east of finland , off the coast of southern Greenland, in Argentina, in the area of Uzbekistan/Tajikistan area or in the S. Orkney Island area of Antarctica. Can any cacher help me out with this? email me at cacher1376@yahoo.com Where's in a name Thank You Natureboy1376
  17. Hola cachers prójimo en el área de BAHIA BLANCA, yo soy hago una reserva inversa llamó "dónde Está en un nombre" y necesito alguna ayuda de alguno de ustedes. Necesito un cacher para tomar un retrato de las cuerdas. 62.44.732w y entonces cualquier cuerda de S y me manda el retrato, entonces nosotros podemos ambos tronco el hallazgo de reserva. ¿Puede ayudar cualquiera? Where's in the name
  18. Ok I just noticed that there is a new legend download on the garmin site from December 31st, I feel I should do this as a general update, since its been the first d/L offered since I bought my gps.. Q1. What kind of data is included? Q2. what do I have to do besides strap the cable to my computer go to the site and hit download? Do have to set the gps on any kind of D/L setting? Q3. It said something about losing my preloaded factory maps and having to reload them, how is this done? Thank you For all the help?
  19. If you are seeing hunters in camo, it is mostly likely archary season, which some states do allow hunters to wear all camo during bow season. Bow season seems a bit safer and less accident prone, but it would be a good measure as a hiker to at least where some blaze orange just to make yourself noticable.... Also you all have some great input on this thread, and I agree with the statement from above about the hunter safety corses, they are a great intro to common sense about hunting but you really need to a have a good feild exp. to become a good hunter...Its not just having a good aim... Fortunatly for me as a hiker I grew up in a family where both parents hunt and teach safety corses....
  20. Man --thats bad , My girl likes Geocaching, just for the fact she is outside enjoying the day..She just wont go with me because I like to find the bush wacking caches! HMMMMMMMMMM now that I think about it when I go alone I seem to walk right up to the cache????
  21. Caching in the morning and then indulging in whatever game meat mom is cooking this year for Thanksgiving! I am Thankful that part of my family didn't believe in the same Religious beliefs and were kicked out of England!
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