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What's The Motivation Behind Geocaching?

Jack Ryan

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Sorry if this is considered off topic. I was afraid it might that's why I started it in it's own thread.


Why do you do it?


Is it the finding of the cache?

Finding cool places?

Comaradery of team caching?


On the hiding side, is it just the desire to share a cool place you happen to like or something else? Maybe a "pay back" obligation to the sport for caches others have set up for you to look for?

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For me it's (in no particular order):


A chance to get out of the house,

A challenge to overcome (especially if it's a puzzle cache),

After I find it, that superior feeling of, "There's a cache sitting right there, and I'm one of the select few who know about it." :unsure:

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I'm still a little conflicted over the subject myself.


Still a few days of turkey season left, but after that's over I'll go out and see what I can do with the GC thing. It looks like there are suppose to be quite a few with in a mile of my house and who knows how many I go right past in daily travels.


I'd hate to get "hooked" on another hobby I don't have time for.

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You can go Hunting and you don't have to Shoot, Catch, or clean your prey. Of course if you don't bring food you may go hungry. You can spend hours and hours in a row out here looking for these things if you want. You just sign it and off you go. Geocaching is always in season.

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I agree with QDman it is the feeling of being a select group that are in on the secret. Snow leopard has a good point that I didn't really think about, billion dollar satellites =McToys. when I first started I tried to explain to the lowpockets about satellites in orbit and it fell on deaf ears, they just wanted the tiny beany babies. The lowpockets were the reason I started, a new age treasure hunt and a walk in the woods with my two 8 year olds. It's time well spent, better than an X-box.

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I find that if I'm not off doing something - I become a couch potato and waste away the entire weekend. Jack Ryan.. I'm jealous...(a few caches within a few miles). I had to drive one hour to find my first one last weekend. But I also was involved in a horseshoe tournament while there..... BONUS

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The chicks  :rolleyes:

Dang! Someone beat me to the smart answer.


Ok, I took 10 seconds to make my decision.


The hunt.


There may be ones I don't like and there may be ones out of my league, but your dadgum straight that I went for them because I wanted to find them.

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Back in Australia I use to competitively sail.

Since arriving in the USA I haven't been able to get back on a yacht yet. Tiff, the new wife, had a pair of GPS' in a cupboard not being used (it's still unclear why she had them tucked away) She wanted US to have a joint activity that we didn't have before we were married, so she suggested this. The bonus is that I get around on a bicycle (most of the time) so the hiking/climbing/riding keeps me in shape.


The hunt of discovery also nags at me enough that I'm sure eventually I will write a spy type story which has geocaching as a theme.

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Sitting in front of the Television is boring. You have to take " The Road Less

Traveled " I love the hunt. The falling over logs, the bugs crawling down your neck,

up your pants and most of all, my Husband saying " No, your not holding the GPS. I

let you hold it once and now it's my turn and it's my turn next time too." Ya, gotta

love this game.

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I love quiggling the chomby until it squeals with delight.  :lol:


I once knew a girl like that...


Oh, sorry...


Ga loves gadgets, and being outdoors is always good. This gets the 8 year old couch tater (THE Woodchuck) out of the house and keeps the 2 1/2 year old outsidenic BooBoo happy. Mommy Pants can play too (especially when there are riddles)! What a value, what a deal!

Also gets us to really neat places, some new ones and some with just a new perspective on familiar places. Love the thought and work put into the themes too!

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Its The:

Thrill of the Hunt

Problems to Solve

The Excercise I Get

Seeing New Places

Being Outdoors With Nature

Spending Quality Time With The Family

Using My Mind

Knowing about the little secret in the woods That ONLY a select few know about.


In addition I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis Last Fall and since then my life kinda fell apart.. lost my commercial driving status and had a bad limp for a while... Geocaching has been a confidence boost and a good source of excercise and encouragement I forget I have M.S. When I am in the woods With My Family


TFTC!!! For Everything!

Ben of The Bowser Family :mad:

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