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  1. globalgirl, where do you get the scratch off tickets, is that something you do yourself or have custom made for you. I love the idea.
  2. All these great pictures of Landscapes. who says pics in town can't be interesting? Here's central park, and the benchmark to prove it. LC1400
  3. Ok, so the bottom line is; it’s not as easy as it looks. I’m sure that with the seven “P”s it can make it a fun challenge that will really pay off in the end. Thanks for all your input, I'm really excited about getting more experence and then being able to contribute as much in as I take out. Seven Ps: Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.
  4. I agree with QDman it is the feeling of being a select group that are in on the secret. Snow leopard has a good point that I didn't really think about, billion dollar satellites =McToys. when I first started I tried to explain to the lowpockets about satellites in orbit and it fell on deaf ears, they just wanted the tiny beany babies. The lowpockets were the reason I started, a new age treasure hunt and a walk in the woods with my two 8 year olds. It's time well spent, better than an X-box.
  5. Ok now I’m starting to see the light. I missed LC1450, when I did my first search I excluded any markers that were listed as not found figuring that I should at least start with ones that were there the last time someone looked. I didn’t really think about the fact that there would be duplicate entries as resets. So the rule of thumb is that every PID is different but a designator or name could be the same even though it’s a different physical marker. How about that? Am I starting to get the picture?
  6. I use documents to go from Data Viz on my palm depending on the spread sheet it can be very usefull or a real pain. find them on the web at:Documents to go
  7. Finding this plate got me looking on my way into work this morning and every bridge I crossed has one on it. If I was to look at the stationing for each plate I could find the beginning point? Thanks Rob and River Lime for your input. Rob you said, “This one is a reset to one that was there before on the same wingwall only 3 feet closer to the road than the one you are looking for. You may notice where it once was.” Does that mean that PID LC1605 isn’t there and there is a new PID. Or is it the same just moved? I guess I’m asking is a “reset” a replacement of a mark where the PID is changed or just moved?
  8. I’m a newbie at this benchmarking stuff and from lurking around here for a week or so I see that I have a lot to learn. You guys take this stuff seriously! I have about a 30 min drive to work and I thought it would be fun to look at the benchmarks between home and work and maybe make a few quick finds. I got into geocaching for the kids and me to have something fun to do on the weekends and they aren’t interested in fooling around with benchmarks, at least not yet. So I thought benchmarking would be another use for my new GPSr. So I loaded a number of cords on my route into my etrex legend and figured I’d stop and take a look if I passed one that seemed promising. So this evening on my way home I stopped at a bridge where I have a waypoint for a benchmark, LC1605, I had quickly scanned the description history and figured this was a lock. “On a bridge, above the highway…” when I got there I found this… Now I know that this isn’t the benchmark, if I had actually read and took the time to fully think about where the bench mark was by using the description I would have kept going and had gotten a pic of the actual disk. This plaque is on the southwest end of the guardrail of the bridge. My question is what is this, and why the poor choice of acronyms? This bridge is on route 150 I can’t ever recall it being Rt. 86. I know one of you geo-gurus will be able to solve this mystery for me. As for me, I’m going to start doing a little more book work before I do the leg work. And log some Midwest benchmarks. Thanks.
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