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I know it's April. But I'm thinking Halloween. Spookfest '05 is on. I know what some of you are thinking--this woman doesn't have a brain cell left. But, ah, I have two secret weapons. A sister, who's coming from an overseas country that is accustomed to silly things, and a Mensa qualified best friend with a wild streak. What can we do, with 6 months of planning? We can do an event. October 28th.

Whoop! I thought I might be done with geocaching, but not quite yet.

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Welcome back Bumblingb's! Just letting you know that Shop99er's got a Halloween event planned too. This could be a fun holiday!

You guys are up early! Didn't know about Shop 99er, and don't want to step on any toes. Sister doesn't hit American airspace until the 27th, so, if she's to be included, I have a very small time frame to work with.

I can make it '06 if needed...don't want to be in the way. Of course, by then, I'd probably be trying to get Steven Spielberg or Stephen King to cooperate.......Hmmm...there's an idea.......

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Oh! 4Grays! Your recent post brought Shop99er's Halloween event to the top of the list. Not the same day. Not the same kind of thing, either. Mine will be in the woods. At night. With coyotes, cougars and vampires patrolling. Will all survive? Can you trust me, when you know I've gone over the edge? Is it safe?

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I was going to say that this event might not be appropriate for children, but I sure remember your girls. And I remember that they did Futility. Speaking of which, here's a plug for Futility. It would be a lovely time of year for it, and it's not really a very long walk! (Evil grin)

So, bring your girls for protection. Just have a heart, and don't put them in front (or, God forbid) in back of the line. Stay close together.

Now, I need to get to the police station to see if a convicted felon like myself can get a permit to race through the woods on a wild and stormy night with a machete in hand.


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I'll come to your event, if you'll come to mine! Shop 99er is cool, and his wife is a doll.

Mrs. Shop99er here....


bumblingbs, you are so sweet. Since I'm usually introduced as "The Boss" or "Cranky" it's refreshing to be called something nice!!


Friends of ours usually host THE Halloween event of the season at their house the Saturday before Halloween and we are always pre-committed for that. However, if they have it on a different day or decide to not have it this year you can bet that we'll be at your Spookfest '05!! We hope to see you at ours either way!


With your event and our event it's going to be a glorious Halloween season! I wouldn't have it any other way. I will be wishing for good weather and thinking spooky thoughts for you.


Keep us posted!

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Right there with you. Since our corporate office moved to Kent (from Bainbridge) I've discovered that grain of truth in so many Almost Live! jokes i never understood before. For instance - across the street from my office is the "T&A Supply Company." I'm sure there's a nondescript reason for those initials, but it's just too ripe not to joke about.


Sorry, OT. I love Halloween and can't wait for these events.

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Checking in for the first time in awhile, and I'm wondering; does Kent have a pit, like a famous (?) gravel pit, or is it just a pit? I come from New Jersey, which used to be fondly referred to as the "armpit of America".

I used to work in Kent, I think, a long time ago. I was the Krusteaz girl. They paid me to stay up all night (not a bad gig for an insomniac) and listen to Art Bell. Oh, and make sure nobody broke in to steal flour. As if.

Anyway, about Spookfest, unless you're a cute little family group, there is NO back of the line. Do you think I would send people off in a big, happy, SAFE group? Noooo! In life, we meet our fears alone.

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