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I had a thought yesterday about Geocaching holidays and wondered what some of you thought, I really don´t want this to sound like spam so please don´t take it that way.


I have recently set up an Adventure sports holiday company in the mountains of Southern Spain, while out Geocaching yesterday my daughter said that we should offer geocaching as a option in our packages.. (not bad for a 10 year old!)


The scenery and views are absloutley stunning here and the variery of wildlife is exceptional There are a number of caches in the area already but I was thinking that if I placed a few more really good caches along a 10-20 km route it might make a nice little holiday Break for people either as a few days out from the coast or as a long weekend as our house is technically less than 3 hours from Stanstead.


Any comments?



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Guys, I did read the TOS before I posted that was why I made no reference whatsoever to my company URL or gave any clues to it. If you notice I also left the details out of my profile and used a non related email address as my contact address. I have not in any way tried to advertise anything. I am really sorry if any of you thought I was trying to SPAM the list, as i stated in my first post that was not my intention. I pride myself on running my company in an ethical manner, and of my online advertising is paid for


All I wanted to know is if anyone thinks that there would be a demand for something like this (thanks for the feedback stoney2008).


Once again appologies if my intentions were misunderstood.

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I think it is a great idea! Sounds like a fun get away to me. Sounds like you need to keep the young one on the payroll :P You may even want to set up different levels of Geocaching adventures depending on the clients that book and how adventerous they want the package to be. you could have family adventures, really tough ones for the solo I want to conquer the world types. The possibilities are endless. I think the OP was excellent and not commercial or spam. It was right on point "Geocaching"

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I think it's a great idea. When I travel with work I try to cache in the area I am in. I always try to e-mail cache owners and finders of nearby caches to set up a group cache hunt with them. Are they violating the TOS by accepting my payment for dinner and gas for showing me the area?

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I think that any outdoor guiding or team-building that involves Geocaching is great! You may wish to send a note to the site to ensure they are okay with you using the site for commercial activity -- but why not? It only helps promote the hobby and you are using information that is publically available anyhow.


As for demand? I doubt it will act as a draw to the business by itself, but think it would augment an existing service (guiding). The only thing I would hope you would do is A) have interesting and varied trading items and :P ensure that the game is respected by making sure caches are replaced appropriately and not compromised when they are searched for (term: muggles)

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I think as long as you list the caches as open to anyone. Or go the opposite direction and just set up your own caches specifically for your adventure tours. You'd be fine.


I think it would be a cool idea, and I think that if you do any business with hikers, you might be able to find people who would be interested in geocaching...


Maybe just throw it in as an option for your hikes or whatever you do? Not necessarily have trips that are solely geocaching.

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Okay. My understanding is that you have a company and you want to use GeoCaching as a package within that company. That seems commercial to me.


However, I am willing to bet that you could work something out with GC to pay them a fee (advertising) to do this. The caches would have to be available to the public, too, I'm sure. (IE, listed on the site for everyone to find, not just the people that take the tour)

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From what I understand, geocaching as a whole is a sport, and is not really owned by this website, or anyone. But alot of the ideas on this website, and especially the content are owned by Groundspeak. And if you were to use cache information from their site to make a profit, then that is copyright infringement.


So, I'm thinking, hide your own caches that are independent from the site completely.


Or fire off an email to contact (at) geocaching dot com and have a discussion with the Groundspeak lawyers...

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I think it's a great idea. I know that living here on the west coast of the US, I'd probably never go to Spain. But, if I were to go to a resort type place here, and they offered it, that would be fun. It'd be neat if the park services out here would have lists of them to find in state parks etc. Or lists of letterboxes to find so you could have a little booklet to mark the ones you found.


Some of the state parks out here offer kids booklets where they can mark off plants or animals they see at the park. It'd be neat to have a "GeoBook" as part of a trip. There could be coords for different sites, or caches along the way. No need to use GC.com, just set up your own caches, and go to it. If people use GC.com and find caches you don't list, congratulate them :lol: You could even refer them to GC.com for more info.


I think it's a great idea. Not only that I think you might have a 10 year old who might be willing to help place or plan caches :D

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If people were interested in smily faces I would say just make your own geocache, or what ever you call them and then give folks the coordinates and that way you would not have go through the approval process and you could place some really cool caches and put some really good stuff in them for your guest to find.

I know Spain is suppose to have some good caches and all as a friend has cached there. But I would think hey I want control of the caches my guest find then they wouldn't find just a box full of McToys.


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