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  1. I haven't had time to cache or box for a while. But, I do prefer boxing to caching. I just take the GPS along on the boxing trip I found that I can get a sheet/brick of rubber/stamp material for about $6 at the cheapest, and can make 4-6 nice size stamps from it. On a large block of rubber/stamp material I can get about a dozen stamps off it fairly easily. I just use an x-acto knife for the carving. And, yes, the turtorial mentioned in the previous post is good, and helped me to make my first ones. Happy caching & boxing! - TCE
  2. Yeah, it might have been easier to stop and get the hubcap...but then you wouldn't be able to use the GPS to go find it later
  3. I usually skip 'em unless they're within a mile of my house. I'd rather not hunt for a tiny film container... Also, my geosenses are not all that great, so even a normal cache is exciting to find Happy caching!
  4. No problem. But to keep it in good condition I'd hide it in a place that stays dry.
  5. We stamp all the caches we find. We've done more boxes than caches, but we stamp 'em all
  6. I wonder if there are any kids who've wanted their lost teeth to be made into travel bugs??? They might if their family is cache crazy...or their dad is cache crazy enough...maybe???
  7. Noting someone's April fools of last years Avatar fun...I wonder what this year's will bring??? You'd think Halloween would be another time to dress up the avatars a bit too.
  8. If it were a subscription deal...uh...how soon would a Trimble GPSr eventually pay for itself? And, good point on the tree cover!..and rain, and clouds, and mountians/hills and uh...other stuff that can get in the way of good GPS signals.
  9. I don't think I need a flashlight that can burn out the inside of a tree stump, or the leaves off of trees, or the bugs at 100 yd. distance...but...it might be fun I'll stick with the mag lite I already have...at least until prices drop by over half of what they are now for the "blind the enemy and burn the leaves off the trees at 100 yds. version." :^D Happy caching
  10. Just a zoom thought...when it comes to zoom, an optical zoom is very good! Digital zoom will degrade your picture quality. So, unless you have a huge number of mega pixels...like six or more...you probably want something that has optical zoom. Mine has 3.2 mega pixels. And, it has 3x optical zoom, and 3x digital zoom. I almost never use the digital zoom because it degrades the picture quality so much. That's the only thing that I can think of to look at...but the card reader thing...that was mentioned earlier...that's a good thing to be aware of. It'd be cool if I had a card reader!
  11. Thank you PDOP for the GPS manuel sites! It looks like the kind of stuff we have, amazingly enough! I'll see if I can post more once we get the monster going
  12. Thanks Airmapper for the pic. That's the one! And, thanks for the history! That's pretty amazing stuff! Also, thank you Quiggle for moving my sad little post to the proper forum!
  13. I've been tempted to use a large plastic syringe from my stay at the hospital, the 10cc size. It would be water-tight if the tip were sealed with caulking or silcone, but I think it might look too much like drug paraphanalia. It would have to be dressed up pretty good so the plunger would be disguised...as well as the line markings on it's sides.
  14. some foreign GPS web pageWe were given a twelve year old GPSer. How far back do GPSers go??? And, on a side note, does anyone know how to get the battery cover off a Magellan NAV 5000A? This thing is literally the size of a brick, and about 6 times the size of my little Legend. I'd post a pic of it, but I don't have a site to upload it to for the link. Okay, I put in the site of some foreign GPS site on here, and the pic is about the third one down. It says "Magellan NAV 5000A" next to it on the right hand side. I've never posted a pic, so we'll see if it works
  15. I think a "Signal the Frog" comic strip would be cool!
  16. Would there be a downdraft due to the helicopter's blades spinning? Is the wrench the flat kind that might be influenced by wind?...or a big lug monkey kind of wrench? I have no idea about any kind of physics type problems...but those might be somethings to consider...
  17. Hmmm...sometimes I wonder if geocaches are idols for some people on here, hence the name geocachers, (those who worship geocaches),...or maybe obsessions is the right word...even if they don't have mayan clues. Oh well, either way, this is a fun thread
  18. Letterboxing works through a map interface. You click on "clues" and you get the north america map. You click on your state, then the region you want to look for letterboxes. The boxes are listed by the city they're located in, and by name. You can also search by the name of the letterboxer, or by using a key word search. There is no zip code search, although World of Letterboxing is working on doing just that! I think their site is www.wol.com or .org or .net I'm not sure which. They have fewer boxes on their site, but I'm sure one day it will be incredible with all the functionality they're putting into it. I hope you find some boxes, they're cool
  19. At first I thought the wristbands were a thing to hold your GPSr onto your wrist while caching...but no, ...a plastic/rubber bracelet...Oh well. I think that a wristband to hold my legend in place on my wrist would be pretty cool. Maybe I'll adapt a watchband, and a cell phone case to do the job? I think it would be a good idea to have a GPSr wrist holder thingymabob...of course...they may already be available, and I may simply be ignorant
  20. Hey, webscouter, I just tried to download quakemap.exe, and I got a little message that said, "corrupt download." Then I did a search for quakemap.exe on the computer, and nothing came up... Maybe I should run the spyware...and wait a few days and try quakemap again. It looks like a pretty cool program. Did this happen to you when you first tried to download it?
  21. http://www.uclick.com/client/wpc/nq/ A GPS cartoon! He must have it set on the wrong map datum! If I knew how to post the image, I'd do it. If this is off-topic, ( mods ), please move this where it belongs, 'cuz I can't post there...yet...maybe someday
  22. I think it's funny for a little while. Of course I'm speaking as an avatarless one...but I don't mind some of these off-topic? "discussions?" They're amusing ...and fun for those of us with like less then a million bajillion posts...well, less than a few thousand, I guess. Anyway, I always read the silly threads. Thanks for providing a tiny taste of the OT to those of us non-premiums...maybe it will boost the membership a little?
  23. I think I'm glad that "finger in the ear" is not the geocaching hand signal! ...it might be a bit embarassing going down a trail and seeing what might be another cacher, and then doing what looks like a shot to the head with the finger... could that be construed as threatening someone?...lol
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