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Typical Items In Your Cache?


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Well as far as signature items goes, mine's gotta be a Lego Toy. GlobalRat's still trying to find one though


Team Warthog has decided on adding a set of collectable type "calling cards" with our team logo on the front and on the back the recipe of different of our favourite cocktails. Obviously leaving a number of cards with different cocktails on in each cache that we are visiting. These are currently in development and should be out latest end of March 2005.


We usaully try and add toys to the cache as most of our cachers have children with them and they are the ones ending up taking the item from the cache (or that is what happens in my team) :ninja:

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We are extremely fortunate to know the buyer for one of the large chain of stores. She is generous in the extreme with samples and items which did NOT attract buyers in the shop. Consequently, our cache contents are of a high standard, with pens, keyrings, candle holders, calculators, digital clocks, watches and so on.


My signature item is a laminated card with my cacheing alias on the front, a note thanking the finder for playing, and with one of my (many) wildlife photos on the back. Each card is one of a series, with each one having a different photograph.


Susan has a "thing" about dragons, so her sig cards, also laminated, have a pic of a dragon along with a quote or two.


She also makes unique hanging 'things' much like dream-catchers, which are extremely popular, but she only places one in a cache - if you find it take it, it will never be replaced!


We have also laminated the geocachers code of ethics and place one card in each cache we visit. The code is on one side, our details on the other.

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I try to make each item I leave different. The first 12 sig items was a plastic bug / spider. Now I use a token from an American token company - something that is not available in SA.


On caches I place, I leave an electronic toy / calculator, a die cast car, and at least three other items.

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;) Um, I don't have a signature item, being a poor student and all, but at one point we were placing Bible versus in all the caches we found. As for caches placed, it hasn't been much better, though I have tried to keep it interesting. We will probably do something later, since we call our selves team Ancient Explorations, I was thinking of fake little mummies or something like that, but I'm still looking. I must confess to having placed my fair share of McDonalds toys in caches. I know, shame on me.
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