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Why Are We #2?

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The solution is simple: Merge with the New England forum. Of course, you'll have to find a way around the clam chowder controversy.

Already did. It's called Long Island Clam Chowder. It's New England & Manhatten Chowders mixed and it's REALLY good.

That's just wrong. No I don't want to see the Octosnat photo again.

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sonny and cher

laverne and the other one

skully and mulder

I don't think you've got it right... you really have to be picky... works with most, not all... like it doesn't work with "They Might Be Giants".


*CHiPS -- Eric Estrada (whose birthday is 3.16) and the other guy

*Miami Vice -- Don Johnson and the other guy...

*Cagny & Lacy -- everyone knows Tyne Daly, but who's the other one?

*I Spy -- Bill Cosby and the other guy (white guy)

*The Scarecrow and Mrs. King -- we all know Kate Jackson

*Father Dowling Mysteries -- We all know Tom Bosley


God, I'm good at this!

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Surprised nobody took a shot at this yet.


Without cheating (google) here goes.


*CHiPS -- Eric Estrada and LARRY WILCOX

*Miami Vice -- Don Johnson and PHILIP "something"

*Cagny & Lacy -- Tyne Daly and SHARON GLESS

*I Spy -- Bill Cosby and ROBERT CULP

*The Scarecrow and Mrs. King -- Kate Jackson and BRUCE BOXLEITNER

*Father Dowling Mysteries -- Tom Bosley and NO CLUE

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