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  1. Congradulations B!!! I'm getting back out caching this season so I hope to get out with you one weekend and hit some trails.
  2. I am hiking up Pecoy Notch to Twin Mountain and over to Indian head to echo lake. Anyone know where the springs are located. I could really use coordinates if anyone has em'. I have a map and it shows springs but I couldn't find any. Thanks
  3. What's a permit? I have seen litter larger than an ammo can and I never saw their permit. Ha Ha whatever I need to High Knob.
  4. Yeah man it's all good! I just turn my magelin to "backtrack" and I'm home free, or just pitch my tent and do some more, you dig?
  5. Yeah man, I certainly don't want to toke that badboy. I'll stick to my closet gardens.
  6. When I find a cache I usually like to take a break, drink some water, eat a snack, and then if the right hiking buddies are around I take a nip of ther peace pipe, you dig daddy O. My friend thought it would be a great idea to leave some "snacks" in a cache box, but I didn't think that was so bright, anyway the snacks cost money$$$$.
  7. I know that ain't no grass man.
  8. Hey Dudes I have an idea for the coin: New Jersey: Sure ain't as fun as New York! Ha Ha Ha! Just kidding! Peace out NJ brothas
  9. I went hiking int he Catskills on Saturday and I really loved the Rocky lounge cache. Great hike, some good history and great views. Maybe I will post. Thanks
  10. Last month some friends and I hiked up to Stahahe High Peak in Harriman State Park in New York. Up there is the Christmas cache 2002. Great view of the lake
  11. I'm Matt, I love in Monroe,NY. I too need to fetch many caches in Duchess. If you need to know anything about orange county or Harriman State Park caches, let me know Peace Bro
  14. I'm just going up there with friends.
  15. I am planning to camp out up there and was wondering if anyone has camped there. It is where the Christmas 2002 cache is located http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...f6-3310eaf65712
  16. Lately geocaching.com has been very...bad. I mean the speed is nausiating and what's with the geocaching map display that frequently forgets to provide visuals for "traditional caches" you know the little green boxes. Everything else is shown except the traditional caches. This is unacceptable, let's see what we can do to fix this problem. Thanks
  17. I'm right behind you!! Godd job!
  18. I am planning on taking a trip to PA this summer to South Central portion of the state. I am wondering where the best parks are to camp and also good caching areas. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Peace
  19. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD WORK!!!!!!!
  20. I did some dope at most caches I have found.
  21. Yeah man theres no snow, just plenty of mud. In addition it is expected to rain this weekend but if you don't mind that and mud, go for it. Have fun.
  22. I want to do a picture of number 2.
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