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Quickest And Slowest


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I once set three traditional caches that were all approved at the same time, about 8am on a Saturday morning. By 11am one of our 'elder statesmen' had logged a FTF on all three.


The slowest... probably my last cache. Cache page says it was hidden 31/10/2004 but in truth, it wasn't approved until 3/12/2004. The first finders eventually found it and logged it 8 days later. <_<

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Knew there was a list somewhere


Longest waits

It's not working very well. Two of our local caches (Forget-Me-Motte and The Deck of Fate and Fortune - Part one) were found well before the date shown on that page.




EDIT: That's so weird - I just looked at the page and "The Deck of Fate and Fortune - Part one" which was near the top of the table has disappeared now. <_<

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